Monday, May 26, 2014

I feel like a traitor

I've turned to the dark side.

I've started drinking coffee in the mornings.

Tea, I'm sorry. You didn't cut it always, and I'm such a slug some mornings. It was time to correct this.

The coffee maker has a timer settings.
It wakes up and brews by the time the kids are awake. It tastes ok, obviously tea tastes better.

Tea, you are more work now. I'm sorry, but we need a break, just for the mornings. I'll always come to you in the afternoons and evenings.


The traitor.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sadie's 4th Birthday Party

Having children old enough to help a little with their own birthday party is super cool. I mean, last year I was cutting out a million tiny pieces of paper to turn them into monkeys for Lucas' second birthday. It was tedious and boring doing it all alone. 

This year I asked Sadie, what kind of party do you want? She really didn't get it because she kept saying "Cake and BALLOONS!" So when I asked if she wanted a bug party, she was ecstatic. She's been into bugs for the last year or so. She picks up wood bugs (pill bugs) and lets them crawl all over her hands and feet. She makes homes for them and always puts them back in the grass when she's done. She really isn't scared of any creepy crawly thing unless its a big spider. 

So, bug party it was. No princesses, no barbies (forbidden until she's at least 5). Pinterest has been the best source of party ideas for me. My party board is here if you're interested in some cute party ideas. 

So, I saw some preschool crafts that I used as decor. Here kids, here is paint and some paper plates, please paint them this colour all over. I used child labour to get all the paper bugs painted and once dry, we glued googly eyes on them (bought googly eyes months ago from walmart and boy do they come in handy) and taped them to the walls. 

The tissue paper flowers were strictly my thing, but I had little helpers throwing scraps of tissue in the garbage for me while they watched. $6 bucks for a few different colours of tissue paper that I didn't have already at home was the best money spent on party decor. 

Last minute birthday bunting made with construction paper and a sad dying felt that I should have tested first....

The kids also made the caterpillars for the food labels. They were told to count out 5 pompoms per bug, and a big one for the head. I did the glue so they had to place them on, and then finished them with googly eyes. Googly eyes are the best. 

Pinterest again had good party food ideas for bug birthdays. A few plastic bugs were thrown into the punch for bug juice, and my favourite were the lady bug bites. The chives as antennas really put it over the top. Its good to grow plants some days. I made macarons because it was last minute and I realized I hadn't made any in months. Green apple liquorice was used on their legs, but was a royal pain in the rear because I had to cut it in half length ways with scissors. Sticky stupid mess. It worked, but I'll find better leg candy next time. 

This juice dispenser has been the best investment ever. Costco had them a few years ago. The base has a spot to put ice in so your drink doesn't get diluted when the ice melts. I use it for every party. Walmart has smaller ones and cheaper ones, but I like the base for the ice that mine has.

Other than fiddly macarons (which are always fiddly), everything was really easy. Hotdogs, (caterpillars on a bun) chips + dip, blue punch, butterfly pasta salad (mom brought) and worms and dirt. Worms and dirt was dead easy and the adults loved them. 

It was a family party, no other kids other than my own. Its nice that way, no other tiny children to entertain for hours. They were entertained just with balloons and those curly noise makers and with all the attention. Lucas did well, but everyone was kind enough in getting him small gifts as well. A few weeks prior to the party, Sadie got some presents in the mail from far away relatives. I was excited and told her "look, it has your name on it!" Lucas burst into tears while sadie was jumping around, and he said "MY NAME!" He knew his name was not on those presents. 

We hung out and talked and ate food, and watched the kids. I scheduled the party at 2pm, so it was during their nap time. By 5, everyone left and then at 6 there were tired fights over new toys and such. Lucas had a bath alone to get away from the grump, and by 8:30 they were out for the night. This morning, Sadie was up at 8:30 and Lucas at 9:30 respectively. The signs of a good party. 

I'm totally going to make the kids make their own decor for birthdays after this. Good entertainment during the day. Really good party in my opinion. I think I'll let sadie keep some flowers for her room for a while. They're too pretty to throw out. 


Listening to Sadie coughing. She's caught a cold of some kind.
Read The Help. Why didn't I read this sooner? I love these ladies
Drinking Coffee thats a tad too strong
Watching the kids play outside with hoola hoops. Lucas asks for me to help him with his wiggle. 
Anticipating the new episode of Orphan Black
Thankful that theres a library to borrow all sorts of books from, including ebooks. 
Delighted that Sadie is doing so well with swimming lessons. 
Ecstatic about finding the Curly Girl method and how nice my hair looks and feels. I want all the curly girls to know about this. It looks a little intense, but its really easy. I'll probably talk more about this later.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

fiddling with half square triangles

I promise I'll go back to the cat quilt soon. I ran out of white fabric and need to make a quick trip to get fabric.

I've had a stash of blue fabrics sitting around for a while and I haven't found the right project to use for them. Couple days ago I decided to just use a little bit to practice HST's. The last time I did those blasted half square triangles was for Lucas' quilt, and they were such a pain.  Since that quilt, I read more about better ways to cut them, and it has really helped. I still need to trim them up a bit, and thats tedious and frustrating, but I'm getting better.

So, instead of doing a quilt with these (cause it'd drive me mental) I made a mini one to hang in my kitchen. One day I'm sure I'll try these as a quilt, but this is all I can take for now. The colours remind me of the movie "Frozen" (one of the only two academy award winning movies I saw this year).

Its my cute Frozen shooting star mini quilt. I'm thinking I might do a large scale quilt top with this shooting star thing. That way I can avoid millions of half square triangles. This is its temporary hanging spot until I get some small dowel. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A quilt for 1 (or 2)

I had the need to do a smaller project. The cat quilt is big and fiddly, plus, its black and white. Its really boring doing just black and white. This is probably why I headed down the road of vibrant colour with this one.

I should really go measure it, I think its 55 x 63, but I cant remember. Its a nice size for one or two people to cuddle under on the couch. I really wanted this one finished before the snow melted. These colours really pop against the melty snow.

I went with the grey as a backing and a splash of red. I really like figuring out the backing of a quilt. Using up scraps and leftovers to make something a little random.

See, isn't she pretty on the snow?

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Surprisingly enough, we got some snow here. Its the second snowfall this year.

The kids have been loving it. Begging as soon as they get up to go out and play. We're inside now, scarfing down grapes and getting warm again.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Loitering at mcdonalds

Recently, I've taken to loitering at the McDonalds near our place. I've found that the secret to Sadie napping is that she NEEDS to run off a ton of energy. If she doesn't get out all the energy, that means no nap, and then after 5 pm she turns into a "threenager" - see this is why my three year old still needs naps if you need any more proof.   I don't care if she's almost 4, this girl gets in a foul place without her naps, and without being able to be outside 24/7. So, the kids and I walk down to McDonalds, I buy my obligatory large double double, and then they play.

And play.

AND PLAY!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I can relax, sip coffee and browse the internet to pass the time. Its fantastic. I always go around the slowest time, 10 am -11:30 ish. Theres maybe one or two kids there max. Sadie and Lucas make friends, teach the other children how to scream all the way down the slide and have a wild time.

Oh, and this one time, I saw one ridiculous grandparent try and make a business call on his phone while sitting in the play place. Foolish man. Theres no way you'll hear anything when the children get to the slide. I was secretly laughing at him in my head. Usually I'll be on twitter, tweeting these types of things, so check that out if you want live entertainment. 

So, this is my secret to keeping my sanity. Only twice a week, but its better than nothing.


Late again. I'm still going to stick with it though. We were having a bad day, so I filled the sinks and threw towels on the floor to mop up the swamp. They had a grand time. It allowed for me to finish this blog post and get dinner going.

Oh the little things.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

a jumble of things

More black and white ideas are whirling around in my head. Sadly, I've only done 3 rows of my cat quilt. Its not getting finished as quickly as I'd like, but I've got other things coming up.

My sister in law and her husband are moving to Saskatchewan in a couple weeks, and so we're having our last games night here. I'm trying to clean things up a bit more, and get stuff baked. I'm hoping to bake a chocolate cake with salted caramel filling inside and then some lemon macarons.

Today I need to bake the cake and throw it in the freezer, and then measure out the macaron components. I find I'm less freaked out about making macarons if I measure out the ingredients by weight the day before. Doing it by weight is better apparently, and since I've had such success, I'll stick with it. Maybe I'll do the caramel filling for the cake and pop it in the fridge. It all depends on if the kids play nice today, or have a decent nap.

I found out that cleaning ahead of time is futile. A couple days ago I mopped the bathroom floor so I wouldn't have to the day before the games night. Well, that evening Lucas had an accident and peed all over my beautifully clean floor. He then trucked it all over the bathroom in effort to try and make it to the toilet. So yay for more mopping and clorox wipes.

So thats that. I bet I'll do more cat quilt after the weekend.