Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Loitering at mcdonalds

Recently, I've taken to loitering at the McDonalds near our place. I've found that the secret to Sadie napping is that she NEEDS to run off a ton of energy. If she doesn't get out all the energy, that means no nap, and then after 5 pm she turns into a "threenager" - see this is why my three year old still needs naps if you need any more proof.   I don't care if she's almost 4, this girl gets in a foul place without her naps, and without being able to be outside 24/7. So, the kids and I walk down to McDonalds, I buy my obligatory large double double, and then they play.

And play.

AND PLAY!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I can relax, sip coffee and browse the internet to pass the time. Its fantastic. I always go around the slowest time, 10 am -11:30 ish. Theres maybe one or two kids there max. Sadie and Lucas make friends, teach the other children how to scream all the way down the slide and have a wild time.

Oh, and this one time, I saw one ridiculous grandparent try and make a business call on his phone while sitting in the play place. Foolish man. Theres no way you'll hear anything when the children get to the slide. I was secretly laughing at him in my head. Usually I'll be on twitter, tweeting these types of things, so check that out if you want live entertainment. 

So, this is my secret to keeping my sanity. Only twice a week, but its better than nothing.

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Alanna said...

I think my parents secretly did this too, but we had the 40 pack of chicken nuggets lol!

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