Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thunder Storm!

I think I've blogged about this before, so I will keep it short. Man I love thunder storms! So awesome. No power outages for me though, but its great to listen to the thunder.

My house is so clean right now, who wants to come over (keeping in mind that it stays like this for a couple weeks till I'm off work).

New Robots wanting love

This is my very different robot mug. I like this one lots better. He was harder to do, but was worth it. I am gonna make more of him I think. We shall see how fast he sells.

Its nice outside today. My tomatoes are all little and green. I am waiting for them to ripen, cause I am dying to try them in salad.

Friday, July 24, 2009

less stressed :)

Feeling less stressed. Went and delivered my stuff to BCIT so that I dont have to pay my tuition until the student loan arrives. Man, I cut it close, the tuition was due the 29th. The nice lady there said not to worry about it and that I dont have to pay till september. YAY!

Work is almost done, this is also very good. Building is getting more and more empty each day. I am getting loaded up with free eBay stuff. I have eBay stickers that are cute, but I dont know what to do with them. If I list anything on eBay I might give them away as freebies, or just sell them on their own.

Been cleaning lots at home. I noticed a good half inch of dust on somethings, the tv so it was time to get cracking. It feels better in here. Man, I need a mop. Even with the small amount of floor that I have to mop, doing it by hand on my knees was not plesant. I am feeling in the mood to paint something with my watercolour paints.

Time to go, off to paint some more mugs with robots on them.

my inspiration for the fat cat mug

This angle doesn't show the most fattest part of the cat, but she is fat and lays there like the cat in the mug. Smiff is her name, and she doesn't move from her spot even if you sit on her or accidentally step on her (which is easy cause she lays in the middle of the stairs, hallways and everything).

Fat yellow cat grasping at mouse

another mug I've done today. This cat is grasping at a mouse, but I am sure it really wants a big mac instead. Time for strawberries!

Robots in love

Robots in love
Originally uploaded by jamesblonde85
Found a bunch of mugs at the thirft store! Perfect ones for my fat cat mug, but today I decided to do a robot because they tend to sell fast.

Grr I forgot, my mission was also to find tea cups...hmmm I guess I can do that tomorrow or later

Thursday, July 23, 2009

human bus stop only

human bus stop only
Originally uploaded by radio real time
I saw this at the bus stop this morning. Kinda was weird and it wasnt until I looked up the website that I realized it was for a movie about aliens as refugees on earth.

So I watched the trailer, and it was pretty cool looking. Tony wants to see it now. It looks well done.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Student loans make me unhappy

I'm getting stressed about this student loan not appearing yet. I am sure it will be processed soon, but now its just the waiting that is getting to me. I ate some oreos and milk to combat this stress. That helped a little.

What else is new...we might go to Tony's co workers place tomorrow to watch the fireworks. I dread getting home, but its Canadas night and the theme is the wizard of oz! I will be going with the family on the UK night if they come out. That will be fun as well.

Tony and I were looking at the bird last night and I noticed its feathers were darker. This makes Tony sad cause now his bird isnt bright greeny yellow. I also pointed out to Tony that this means the bird is older, and I am sure that in bird years its a pre teen now.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Penguins on a mug

The latest thing in the making. Almost done, one more coat of black paint for the other little guys on the opposite side of the mug. They don't look that bad I think. They are the first time that I did baby penguins.

So today was especially boring. Work was the same stuff, kinda lame. I just want to get out of there. Its near the end, only 14 more days of work before left. I have a countdown to help. I am being laid off and then off for a couple months till school starts and the end of September. Its not the end of the world, I am getting severance that will cover that time of me being away.

Saw Harry Potter this weekend. It wasn't bad. I enjoyed that book way more than the movie though. I think that's the case with most of them, except the Prisoner of Azkaban. That one I really liked as a movie. This recent one was a little too happy for me. I was hoping it would be a little more darker. Oh well.

Next movie on my list of ones to see is Funny People. It looks very good, and I like Seth Rogan.

Anyways, I am off to read for a bit.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Puppy laid eggs

This is Beth's budgie. We all thought it was a boy until it looked really sick and then popped out a bunch of eggs. Right now it has 4 eggs (as you can see).

Puppy is pretty protective of her eggs and was getting really angry at the camera making clacking noises.

Shes been a pretty good mother though, keeping those eggs warm. Too bad there aren't babies in them. Apparently baby budgies are really ugly. I do want a baby budgie anyways though. What a cute bird.

little robot thank you cards

I saw these little cards and envelopes yesterday at deserres and they were so cute. They will be great for sending in my packages. I have bunny ones as well, but the robots turned out better. This etsy thing is getting to be fun and will be good for me to do in the summer.

I need to get out there on the internets and advertise my creations. A scale will be helpful to not be guessing shipping rates, but I only messed up 2 orders, so I'm not that bad.

My next big project involves going to ikea for Coley. She is wanting a set of dishes, and ikea has dishes that will match and not be a mismash of things from the thrift store.

I ran out of tissue paper, and am wanting a big roll of craft paper. That would be perfect for printing on! Where can I get me one of those?

Friday, July 17, 2009

burning up

Oh my goodness its hot out. Went to visit Tony at work for lunch. It was a defiantly a day to get a frosty. Having that in a nice air conditioned Wendys was perfect for 30 min. Then it was back to the heat to look for odds and ends.

I have been on the hunt for little clips that hook to the back of a picture so I can hang them. Apparently nobody had what I want. Stupid Ikea frames! Time to go to the maker and see if Ikeas parts dept has these guys.

I also went to the hippy Whole foods store. It was kinda fun. So many things that I have been getting on eBay I could have gotten there. Well, at least I know now. Essential oils for bath bombs and soap and things and they were even on sale today! yay! I bought peppermint, tea tree and lemon grass I think. They smell so good.

Things are slowing getting together for the big soap making day. I have coconut oil too, so now its the equipment. Goggles, gloves and a big pot. Pot shouldnt be too hard, sally anne should have one thats cheap.

More things for sale:

Angry clouds again! I couldnt think of anything that better suited the mugs. But now I am gonna try a penguin mug. Those guys are so awesome.

Ahoy its an Octopus!

Figured I would do something different. I am curious if this will be something trendy that someone on etsy will like. Right now everyone likes the tea and cup painting and the robot and bunny mugs. The painting hasn't sold yet, time to reduce the price I think, or have a sale.

My favorite part was the tentacles, they were the most fun to do, oh and the bubbles.

I am going to be off to visit Tony at work today. He seems real excited to show me where he works. Hes working at a genome research type place. Hes really liking it, and that makes me happy.

While I am down there, I shall visit the store and get some coconut oil for a new craft. I cant wait to see how it turns out. Its a secret craft cause its for presents, and some readers will not be suprised.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

spaghetti dogs

Dont worry, I didnt make this, but its something funny I read on someone elses blog and I had to share the pictures.

Americans and their weird food...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

going going gone!

Its been nice to have little things to sell on etsy. Been making little bits of money here and there. I always get excited when something sells.

Lately its been bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies, but yesterday someone loved my robot. :) Must do some more, as my store is looking pretty bare.

The only scary thing about selling online is calculating shipping costs. I thought my shipping was too high, and sold 2 mugs for shipping that basically cut out all the profits for them. Never will do that again. What I have set now, especially for the USA is on the dot. I am now using the scale at work for as long as I can (before I am laid off). It has helped a lot.

I am gonna be getting a scale for measuring soap ingredients, so it will work out quite well for shipping and soaping.

Oh soap, the next great summer adventure. I have read 2 books (skimmed one and read another cover to cover). Very informative books, lots of good ideas and tester recipes. I'm not attempting to do the melt and pour soaps, I feel that this is kinda a cop out because anyone can get a brick of glycerin and make a soap, but it will take some skill and guts to make real soap using lye and oils. I am very ready for this adventure. Slowly getting all my supplies in gear using my etsy money.

Other projects are also in the works, I like to do this all now in the summer. I am thinking if all works well, there will be crafts for Christmas presents.

kinda of off topic, but I am watching a cake competition on the food network and some idiot covered her cake in sugar, and then tried to make a Bacardi candle with sugar and the cake was set on fire. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA loser!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Enlisting Tonys help

Apparently I was "doing it all wrong". So he took over my art project. Apparently this was the only thing he was able to do well in art class at school. He carved a bird in his print. Figures.

He learned from my first picture that I am spying on him. He then threatened not to do my work for me so that was it after that. I am finishing the details on this robot as I wont trust anyone else but me.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Printing my own wrapping paper and things

A couple weeks ago I went down to the art supply store and found myself some linoleum blocks, ink, and a carving tool and went back in time to art 11. Oh what a fun time warp it was. I spent most of my Saturday carving my bunny out of linoleum.

Started out by using red permanent marker to draw my bunny, but as it turns out, it wasnt that permanent as I started getting ink all over my hands.

It was a lot of work doing that and it made tons of mess that the bird tried throwing off my desk.

Almost done, had to carefully carve out the middle parts of him and that's where things got a little crazy.

My art class had little wooden things that grippd the edge of the desk so that you didnt need to hold the linoleum while you carved. I didnt have that wonderful tool and so I was stuck using my hand. My stupid finger tips got in the way. Cut my middle finger twice, more like carved into it twice. Took 2 bandaids to keep it from bleeding through. It also didnt help that I was using that hand to keep my linoleum still and was pressing my bloody finger into it. There was blood on my art, but it was well worth it.

So now this is the almost final result. I originally made the carving to do business cards, but its too hard to make it as small as that, so this guy is for decorating wrapping paper, boxes and so on.

They are lots of fun to do, and I think that there will be more bunnies in different shapes and poses to come. I also want to do a robot as well, cause I love my robots.

On another note, my sister in law beth's budgie laid an egg. Shes had that bird for forever and we always thought it was a boy, guess we were wrong. That bird has been alive for a couple years now and this is its first egg! I am hoping that we can get our budgies together and have them make some babies! It would be so cute.