Friday, August 27, 2010


Rainy day postcards. I am thinking I like the one on the left best.

French cupcake postcards. Might do the one on the right. I hope I spelled it right.

I am also going to try and do a Canadian set. This beaver is number one. I am working on a moose as well.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the babysitters

This is what happens when we leave Beth and Kathryn to babysit...


and this....


I ended up joining in on their fun.


naptime = relaxtime

What better way to relax (at least for me) by doing some journaling and drawing and painting. This is a page from my art journal / sketchbook. I'm making an effort to try doing more art journaling. Its something new and fun.

I have also been drawing and painting up post cards with the cardstock Aria gave me. Its wonderful stuff.

So this picture kinda sucks, but I got home from grocery shopping this morning and noticed my little toe looked more like a little sausage. It was all red, itchy and puffy. Poor toe. Soaked it in some warm water with Epsom salts. Don't know if that helped, but it has gone away now. I think a bug may have gotten at it. Felt so weird to walk on a sausage toe.

Here are some daily Sadie Pictures (for my momma).

She was being all cute this morning. Lately she wakes up after only an hour nap. I know she needs more and she gets super grouchy. So shes sleeping on the couch now. I think shes more comfortable here with the big fan.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

experiments with cake pops + more

(snuggled with grandpa. She always curls up like a little bug when you hold her.)

So waaaaaay back, there was a baby shower for Sadie. I really really wanted to try and make hello kitty cake pops. Saw them on Bakerella's website and figured that they werent that hard. My siblings and mom formed the heads and I coated and decorated their faces. For a first attempt, they were pretty good.

There they all are in their cakey goodness.

And because I am a little warped, we did a photo of a mutilated one. She was a dud as the crack was making her fall apart.

She was only a few weeks old. She had her kind of unhappy face on her. Man, her hair has grown since she was born.

Yes, many curls on this one. Shes got little waves and cowlicks. I love them. She was pretty tired from being passed around from person to person. She did so well that day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

for mom

"I like your cooking pictures, I like the craft pictures but I love your Sadie pictures" she told me today on skype. Yes, we are lacking in Sadie pictures lately. Here are some more crappy iphone pictures of "the day in the life of Sadie".

We started the day off right with some breakfast. Shes doing this thing where she puts her hands on or around the bottle while eating.

Then we played. Playing was lots of fun, she was really captivated by piglet. She hardly notices the rattle bracelet on her wrist except if it gets in the way of her eating her fists.

I liked this one because I love her eyes.

Then I baked doughnut muffins. Aria suggested them to me, especially cause I own a mini muffin tin (which she wants). It is so handy for mini cupcakes and things. These guys turned out wonderfully. Almost like timbits with cinnamon sugar on them. Yum.

Then the little girl woke up from her nap and we played more on the floor.

She blurs a lot because the camera sucks and she bobbles around on her tummy.

We read a book. She loved kicking the books pages more than the reading. She did sit still for the entire thing and goodnight moon.

(This sucking thumb thing is a recent development. It doesn't last long, she likes having a fist in her mouth instead of her lowly thumbs.)

Then she had a little meltdown. There was much crying and wailing and then quiet sobs before she fell asleep. I tired the poor thing out. We have been very busy lately. Yesterday we were out all afternoon at Granville Island (her in the snuggly). Poor dear.

I have a few things to do:

-get usb card reader for the better camera
-take pictures of her with the better camera
-get pictures printed
-do more mixed media stuff

That is all for now. I shall be off doing dishes and then sketching tonight. I am thinking about cute new cards to make.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

drizzly day

It has been drizzling all day. I love it. I've so missed this weather. I know that once fall hits, I will be whining about it raining all the time, but this weather is a nice break from the incessant hotness.

I had S all packed up in the snuggly ready to go before I noticed it was sprinkling. Not to worry though, as I was wearing Tony's grey hoodie and so it zipped up around her oh so nicely. She wore a little pink toque and away we went to get eggs.

It has been a nice morning. Went to the store, made bacon breakfast for Tony. I am proud of myself for not eating bacon and eggs and instead having rice crispies and a banana.

Once S was down for her afternoon nap (which is so wonderful cause its for 3 ish hours), I was able to bake my favourite kind of muffins. Banana Chocolate Chip. There were too many dead bananas in my freezer and it was time.

These are the mini ones that I did. They are ultra moist. I could eat them every day.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins:

1 1/3 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt

1/2 cup margarine
1 1/4 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/4 cup sour cream
3 bananas
3/4 cup chocolate chips

Beat sugar and margarine together, then add eggs, sour cream and bananas.
Mix them all up.
Then mix up dry ingredients and add to the wet ones just until they are incorperated.
Add the chocolate chips.

Bake in the oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

chalkboard paint!

I had been dying to use chalkboard paint lately. Before Sadie was born, I bought some and started to try it out. I used a can of it (would have preferred the paint kind, but they only had it in a can). Tony helped me tackle this project as I didn't want to inhale the fumes (even while outside). We actually used it on my ikea lack coffee table. It was just sitting there not being used really. 

This is the top of my table. This paint was so easy. I did 2 coats of paint, letting each coat dry for a day before doing the next. Then once its dry, you rub chalk all over it and then its ready to go.

It will be perfect for little girls to draw on or make crafts and whatever. I like to doodle on it. Oh what fun it would be to do a wall or door with it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

determined to roll

She was sans clothes yesterday and we chilled under wet receiving blankets to cool down. It felt nice, especially in the evening. She had her hands tucked underneth the blanket, and thought that was the funniest thing.

So, yesterday we saw something new. I was drawing in my sketch book and one minute shes on her back, the next minute I see her kicking like mad on her side. Shes trying very hard to roll over. Her left arm got in the way, and she was quite angry about that. She needed to be cuddled afterward to feel better.

The weather app that I have says it should be cooler after tomorrow and I am going to pray for rain.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

we are hot today

Hot, tired and drooly it seems. Its a hot day again. We are going to be camped out in the living room infront of the big box fan. Shes sleepy still, and hot. I couldnt believe how much drool this one had. This was the norm when my sister was a baby, but not this one. My sister would soak through her clothes with the amount of drool on her. (she probably hates me for posting this).

mmm that was dinner and breakfast for today. I love my green beans. These ones came from my dads garden. They were awesome with just butter, salt and pepper. Been working on more things lately. Trying out my washi tapes. Oh they are so much fun. This is one of my thank you cards that I did.

Maybe a trip to safeway to get ice cream things is in order. I just dread leaving the house though. I hate it when its too hot. I am more a spring or fall person. I dont mind the rain. I really miss rainy days. Those days are most fun, those are days when I can make crafty things and bake or use the oven. Now I dont feel like doing anything.
I am a slug.

Friday, August 13, 2010

4 simple goals (before 2011)

So Elsie (from a beautiful mess) got me thinking about what kind of goals I could make for myself this year. Nothing terribly difficult, but goals that will make me happier that I can try and achieve daily.

My goals are:

1. Eat Healthier

I was a fiend for fillets of fish and coke. They are my mcdonalds weakness. ohh terrible fluffy bun and delicious deep fried fish square. I am so salivating right now thinking about it. Any fast food in general seems to trigger my heartburn, so I am just saying no to fast food.

2. Read more books, less tv

I either dont try or just dont put in the effort to read more. I used to devour books. I would read one a day sometimes, so I really want to get back to that.

3. Devotionals

I am the ultimate slacker when it comes to reading the bible. I've tried many times to buckle down and get it all read. Its HARD. So the next time I head to chilliwack, I am off to my favourite christian book store to find a devotional book to help me with this. Shouldn't take too long, I love to visit chilliwack.

4. Learn to knit or crochet

Its something that I think I might be good at. I don't know if I'll have the patience for it, but its worth a shot. I believe I have a sister in law who does crochetting. I also have a friend that knits. We shall see which will win.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recent Developments

So the bathroom is almost fixed. We went to chilliwack to visit the folks while that was supposed to happen, but instead there was a note for us when we got back and a big old hole in my bathroom ceiling. It said the plumbers were coming this week. So they came wednesday, and Sadie and I headed to the park to play. It took like 4 hours, so we ended up doing sushi as well.

 So its almost done, just need to have the ceiling sanded and painted and then I get to have a shower again. YAY!

So other things...well, Sadie has been smiling more and more and she is quite the talker. When we were visiting the folks, Aria was playing and bouncing Sadie in her arms. She almost laughed. There were many shrieks.

Yesterday she laughed. It was kinda creepy at first only because she did it while sound asleep. It was a full out giggle and laugh. Later she laughed while awake, but it wasn't the same as the sleeping one.

Shes been doing things all week long it seems. Laughing, finding her hands and the newest thing was almost rolling over.

 She stares at her hands (more like fists). She kept moving her hand closer until she poked herself in the eye.

Its about 8 o clock and we were talking and playing and she was desperately trying to go on her side or roll. Grief child! I haven't thought of baby proofing the house yet...

Bedtime is near, she is doing her whiney cry.

Friday, August 06, 2010


So yesterday was another fun day in the world of heartburn. I looked forward to my dr appointment in the afternoon. She holds the ability to cure this or at least see if it's something more.

Sooo I was feeling rather horrible and it got so bad that it sent me running to the can to throw up. Now it just so happens that our landlord came to give us an update on our bathroom and to see it.

Tony answers the door and meanwhile I in my haste did not shut the bathroom door fully. Haaaaaaaarrrrrrffffff! While talking to the landlord at the front door, there I was like right next door piling out all the tums I ate as well as anything left in my stomach (and then some). Yes I am quite the classy lady. Poor Tony and mr m had to listen to that. Oh well I couldn't help it.

The rest of the day I tried to sleep away the pain. The doctor thinks I have an inflamed gallbladder. She gave me meds that should prevent heartburn. Yay! Oh sweet relief! Testing them out this morning. Testing is to be done for this gallbladder, ultrasound and blood work. I will be having a date with the vampires in the lab again soon. .

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Raining in the bathroom part 3 (the final part?)

Sooooo as we all might have guessed, it started raining on me in the bathroom again. This morning I hear the guy upstairs in the tub and then low and behold *drip drip drip*. I called the landlord again and let him know that the water is just finding new places to drip from. Now we have a plumber coming friday morning/afternoon to rip open our ceiling to see what is going on. YAY!

Finally its getting fixed. Now we gotta get out while this all goes down. The last thing we want is to expose Sadie to any terrible mold that is going on up there (cause there has to be some up there by now). I think we are headed to Chilliwack for a few days.

Tony is almost done school, just 2 more days or so. I am so glad its over. He will have a few weeks off before his FINAL semester in september. Oh its been so long. He is looking forward to getting out of school for a bit and not dealing with the student loan people.

(lets play a game, how many things can you spot on my living room floor?)

I thought of something that I dont think I've shared here before. I have a quirky way of taking out the trash. You know how most people haul their full bags of stinky garbage to the curb, or to a dumpster? Well, not us, not really. I detest taking out the garbage. I gag every time. Tony used heave our garbage down the hall, lug it down the stairs, and then all the way to the dumpster. This didnt last long. He hates it as well. 

Well, one day I didnt want to take it to the dumpster, so instead, I put it on the patio. I realized that from our second floor patio, the dumpster is not too far away. As long as its not terribly heavy stuff, my plan would work. I take our bags of trash and carefully drop them down below on the ground. Tony (my partner in crime) will then throw them in the dumpster. This makes for less hauling of stuff and its kinda fun. I love hearing the bags sometimes explode when they hit the ground. None of the bags ever tear enough to spill garbage everywhere and its way faster than anything else. I swear the first time we did it, I had an audience of neighbours peeking. I think they are used to it now. If they were smart or close to their dumpsters, they might consider it too. 

Hurrah for throwing garbage from a second story apartment!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Huzzzah it's hives

I startled myself this morning something fierce. I woke up, felt awesome. Got a good amount if sleep thanks to the little one. Decided to head to Safeway for some groceries (the fridge had been bare for a few days).

Sadie and I headed out and on the way I realized I felt kinda prickly on my side. Thought nothing of it until I was in the parking lot and looked down in my purse. I happened to see a glimpse of my arm and WHOA! When did I catch the plague?!? Must have looked a little weird to the 4 other people in the parking lot who saw me peeking at my tummy, and down my shirt. Sunglasses on it wasn't so bad but when they were off, my pale skin showed off my rash quite nicely.

Pharmacy was closed until 10 so I didn't stick around. Bought only a few things to tide Tony over with (waffles, berries,eggs). He loves breakfast things.

This day is like the worst possible day for this to happen. I am headed to the clinic again to discuss allergic reactions and my antibiotics. I should really be home helping Tony with his last report. This will make for an interesting night. I promised I would stay up as long as it takes to help him. Oh bother!

Only 2 more days until this semester is over. The last one for school starts in september! Ahhh the end is in sight! Victory is near!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

ahhh good day so far

Brewed a big batch of homemade iced tea. I much prefer this to the store bought stuff. I control the sugar in it and the lemon. I love it lemony. I then helped a much stressed Tony with some report. 

Bought sushi to help the stressed Tony relax. He loved it and was very happy. Almost dropped beef teryiaki roll on Sadie's head. whoops.

Did the laundry with a helper of sorts. She entertains while I fold. 

And then we had a sleep. Very uneventful day really, but a nice one.

Oh and do see inception if you get the chance, its very interesting and I really loved it.