Wednesday, August 25, 2010

naptime = relaxtime

What better way to relax (at least for me) by doing some journaling and drawing and painting. This is a page from my art journal / sketchbook. I'm making an effort to try doing more art journaling. Its something new and fun.

I have also been drawing and painting up post cards with the cardstock Aria gave me. Its wonderful stuff.

So this picture kinda sucks, but I got home from grocery shopping this morning and noticed my little toe looked more like a little sausage. It was all red, itchy and puffy. Poor toe. Soaked it in some warm water with Epsom salts. Don't know if that helped, but it has gone away now. I think a bug may have gotten at it. Felt so weird to walk on a sausage toe.

Here are some daily Sadie Pictures (for my momma).

She was being all cute this morning. Lately she wakes up after only an hour nap. I know she needs more and she gets super grouchy. So shes sleeping on the couch now. I think shes more comfortable here with the big fan.

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