Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Christmasy

Its gotten a lot more Christmasy here lately. The tree is decorated, the nativity scene is up, and I've been playing Christmas carols during the afternoons. Sadie is loving our Christmas tree. This morning she decided that she'd give each ornament a taste. She's allowed to touch them, just not take them off the tree. I think if they both nap right now, I'll try and get an advent calendar made for this year. Later, I'll finish making the rest of my crocheted snowflakes for a garland on my mantle. They were super easy.

So off I go, to cut and pin fabric...

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Friday, November 25, 2011

sad day

The kids both had their doctors appointments today. They are both doing well. Lucas is doing average for weight, and he is 90th percentile for height. It makes sense that he is in 3-6 mo clothes already, hes such a long baby. He doesnt have jaundace any more, and apparently hes freakishly strong. At least the doctor and other nurses have made comments about his strength. Holding his legs down for his shots was tough. Grief, I hate being a parent on shots days. As I'm holding him and consoling him, hes looking up at me with the biggest saddest eyes, as if to say "WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!"

So then it was Sadie's turn. From the get go, she realized what was gonna happen the moment we walked into the exam room. She started whining and whimpering the entire time. Lucas started calming down, and it was her turn. She was not keen on the doctor examining her, measuring her length. She started flailing and swatted the measuring tape off her head. Then it was time for her shots. I had to hold her legs, and Beth (my sister in law) kindly held Sadie's arms and upper body still. Oh boy did she scream. The last one was supposed to hurt the most, and it sure seemed like it.

at home and settled down
 So after that, they seemed ok, and we headed down to Tony's work for lunch real quick. Sadie was losing it just at the end, so we quickly gathered them up and headed home. It was only an hour or so drive, but it was a hellatious nightmare. They started out crying, then the freeway calmed them down, and they both slept, but the last half hour was nothing but hysterical screaming children, gagging and coughing and sobbing. I just wanted to get out of the car and run away, but there was nothing I could do, I was trapped in that nightmare.

We're home now, and Sadie already has a bit of a fever, and her legs are so sore. She kind of holds on to the couch and stands there kind of hunched over. She doesnt want to walk at all, and cries if she has to move. She's right now half sitting on me and the couch. She's extra clingly. Lucas is doing ok.

Hopefully I can go out to see the new twilight movie tomorrow - yes, I really want to get out and see it. I'm a nerd.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

indoor smores

Even though we have a wood burning fireplace, its kinda clogged a bit. We tested it out one time, and lets just say it smelled like camping in our house for a week after. So since we cant do legit smores, I found an easy way to get them done in the microwave. Caution though, its messy!

These are your ingredients:
Graham Crackers
I set up my crackers with the nutella spread, and then microwaved my marshmallows for only 12 seconds on a plate. *Dont use your fingers to transport the marshmallows to the crackers. It just makes for gooey messy fingers*
We both enjoyed them, and its almost as good as the real thing.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

my to do list includes

Using all this yarn for various presents and decorations.
1 and a half presents done, 2 more to go, and I still need a different colour.

The blue is for my hooded scarf. I can't wait to wear it. Its such a pretty colour.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Bird ATTACK!!!

Ever see this?

We had a similar moment

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Monday, November 14, 2011


We had a short but wonderful visit to my parents place. It was nice and relaxing, and the kids had a blast. Sadie loved chasing the cats and playing with her aunties. Lucas laughed for the first time. He loves being tickled and zerberted. Hes been smiling so much more now. I love my smiling babies.

It was too short a weekend away, so I'm planning to get back there for a little bit longer of stay next time.

Things are going well. I've gotten most everything unpacked. I've gotten my small amount of Christmas decorations out. After living in a tiny apartment for 4 years, we were used to just having a little amount of stuff to make our place pretty. Now I've got to build up my collection of ornaments for a bigger tree. Cant wait to go out and get a real sized tree.

I'm getting things ready to make some decorations, and I have 4 crochet projects needing to be finished. Now if only Lucas would head to bed early...

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She's pulled a Michael Jackson!

Oh noes!!!!!!!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

breastfeeding update

(a happier lucas)
First of all, I have to say a huge thank you all for the advice and encouragement. I so needed that. I had been flip flopping all week as to whether or not to quit, and I decided to give things another shot.

I went out with Tony and bought some mothers milk tea and fenugreek, and started eating oatmeal every other day (got sick of it after a bit, but still eat it almost 4 times a week). The first few days were hard. I was feeding a tired screaming Lucas every 2 hours, and he was really frustrated with the lack of supply at first. He would try try try, and then wail at me. I usually gave him 2-3 bottles a day to keep him happy after a frustrating feed. Since I've been feeding him whenever he wants I think thats what's helped bring things back up.

When hes awake, he eats every 2-3 hours, and in the evening its still a challenge. I think my supply is lowest then. I've been forgetting to drink in the afternoons, and I know that doesnt help.

So I think its turning around, and I'm really happy that I didn't give up. I was pumping after every other feeding at first, but now I've stopped. I might try again to see how things are going, but I think my pump wont ever show me an accurate amount of what I'm producing.

So I'm happy, I smell like maple syrup,and baby is happy. Hoping that the evenings get better for us.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

blustery fall day

Today was a good day. A very good day indeed. It helps when Lucas sleeps for 5 hours straight. I feel like a human being when I get that much sleep.

This morning I woke up when Tony woke up. Fed the baby, and then laid in bed all cozy under the covers. Its been rather chilly at night, so it was nice to be warm. Since I wasnt that tired, I said good bye to my dear husband, and set off to bake muffins. I got the first batch in the oven when Lucas woke up. I made blueberry muffins with a cinnamon strusel topping on top. First time making muffins with topping. I think all muffins should have strusel topping. I think I am hooked.

It was almost 10 when Sadie woke up. Since it was beautiful out, we went outside (after spending 10 minutes hunting down Sadie's other shoe -- found under the couch).

She beelined it for the 2 lonely dandalions, and hung on to them for dear life. Even if it meant falling on her face in the grass. She loved the leaves, but wouldnt throw them for fear of throwing her flowers. She smelled them for ages.

Lucas stayed inside and had a short nap. Sadie ran off some energy, and I got some cute pictures of her playing outside.

I hope it stays nice like this, cause when I brought Sadie in for her nap, she bawled at the door because she was having too much fun.

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 It seems as though her finicky picky side has vanished for now. Shes now a ravenous little thing these days. She tries all kinds of new foods now for the most part. Eggs are a favorite right now, and so instead of the usual fried egg, I made baked egg cups for her. I lined a muffin tin with ham, cracked an egg inside and topped it with cheese. She loved the ham parts.
This girl also eats meat now. We had fried chicken the other day, and she went over and stole a drumstick and scarfed it down. She ate 2.5 drumsticks that night before she found the gravy. Girl loves gravy, but more the act of dipping her drumstick into the gravy.

Dipping is awesome. She dipped her drumstick into gravy and just sucked the gravy off. Made me laugh, and Tony gagged.

I love that she will try sauces and dips now. She gets really excited if I give her food with a dip on the side. Hollandaise sauce is also a favorite. She loves it on her eggs, and I'm hoping it helps her gain weight.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bouncy seat, what would I do without you???

 This sucker has saved my life! No, really it has. It enables me to do dishes, laundry, hang out with Sadie, and entertain both kids at once. I make breakfast while he sits and plays. Sometimes he has naps in it. Its great for when I want to have a shower or bath. He sleeps in it, and I can have 5 minutes peace.

Speaking of 5 minutes peace, its been wonderful. Right now both kids are napping at the same time today.
I can eat without dropping food on the baby, or eat without holding or bouncing a child one handedly. I can fold laundry without someone dragging it all over the floor first. I've gotten stuff done today. I think I might even finish unpacking our room today. Its still a disaster, but its one of the last ones to be unpacked.

Bouncy seat, you rock. Lets be friends always.

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

our halloween...kinda late

We did low key halloween last night. We totally forgot about the pumpkin that we had in the garage. It was quickly carved and then we turned on our light to hand out the candy. We ate a lot of candy. Sadie likes peanut butter cups. She would go "MMMMMM!!!" and hold the wrapped candy, and if you didnt open it fast enough, she'd try and eat through the plastic. It kind of spoiled her dinner.

Being a dragon did not go very well with Lucas. It fit him nicely, but I caught this photo of him right before the tears hit.

Next year I'll take them both out. That will be fun :)

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Pudding queen

 She was pretty good at dinner time, eating most of her food. Veggies are her favorites though.
 Fattening her up with a little pudding never hurt.

Half the container was gone, but that doesnt mean she ate it...

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