Thursday, November 10, 2011


 It seems as though her finicky picky side has vanished for now. Shes now a ravenous little thing these days. She tries all kinds of new foods now for the most part. Eggs are a favorite right now, and so instead of the usual fried egg, I made baked egg cups for her. I lined a muffin tin with ham, cracked an egg inside and topped it with cheese. She loved the ham parts.
This girl also eats meat now. We had fried chicken the other day, and she went over and stole a drumstick and scarfed it down. She ate 2.5 drumsticks that night before she found the gravy. Girl loves gravy, but more the act of dipping her drumstick into the gravy.

Dipping is awesome. She dipped her drumstick into gravy and just sucked the gravy off. Made me laugh, and Tony gagged.

I love that she will try sauces and dips now. She gets really excited if I give her food with a dip on the side. Hollandaise sauce is also a favorite. She loves it on her eggs, and I'm hoping it helps her gain weight.

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