Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 weeks to go

So hard to get my head around the fact that this baby comes so soon. One more class till school is done. This also means one more project to finish before I am done. Its my favourite class, the photoshop one. I have all day tomorrow and most of thursday to finish it. I only just started it, but I am sure I can wiz through this one. This one should also be enjoyable, unlike the last one.

My house is a big mess, so one of my goals for Friday is to tidy some of it. Bird is not happy these days. We've been too busy to pay attention to him other than to take him into the shower. Hes been flying over my head squawking loudly. Poor bird, little does he know things wont get better and will get worse after baby is out.

 We did the prenatal class on Saturday. At first it freaked me out, but it got better and now looking back on some of the info we got, I feel a bit better. At least I know whats coming and kinda how to deal with it. I am sure I will deal with it in my own way (crying or whining and drugs).

no pictures today, but I shall take one tomorrow or Thursday of this big baby belly. I got the nicest compliment today from one of the girls in my class about how I didn't look popped out huge. I don't feel like that has happened either, but I think this baby has grown. Baby keeps kicking my ribs. Oh sleep time. Time to watch a show and fall asleep. Tony isn't home yet, but I wasn't expecting him home as he is working hard at school.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This was taken to give me a break from my homework. I was bored, and don't really want to watch TV. I think a half hour more of homework will be good for now before I head to bed. I found these pants in the closet, and while they are some of his favourites, He hasn't worn them in ages. I claimed them this morning. They feel awesome cause there's no annoying elastic waist part that slowly rides down on me and they stay up and are long enough. They don't make me or baby feel squished.

I made beef stroganoff tonight from scratch, it was pretty good. I love things with sour cream in them right now so it was perfect. I also love lemon things and very cold things still. I could totally go for lemon drops or something.  Maybe I can persuade someone to go to the british candy place in chilliwack this Easter so I can find some citrus goodies.

Its freakishy windy outside. Tony may get soaked coming home tonight. Bah screw it, I will go to bed now, I am too tired and this stuff can wait till tomorrow.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good bye Eva

Came home today from my prenatal class to hear that Eva passed away. Its sad to think that we were in the same hospital today and everything.  I always had hope that she would pull through, but lately she was doing a lot worse. :( Good bye Eva, I didnt know you, but I will miss you very much.

CF is such a terrible disease, it makes me think a lot about organ donation. I know of some cons to it and I obviously know the pros. Lots to think about.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

playtime and homework

This is how we play. We have a quarter or silver piece of money (quarters are the favourite), and then we drag it around on the desk or tap it or just hold it. Bird LOVES his shiny things. He can play for hours with spare change. Yay for cheap thrills. Bird looks especially pretty as hes not molting and has no pokey feathers sticking out of his head.

I also may have taken over the living room floor. You can see where I was camped out doing homework while watching tv. This homework was to cut various things from magazines and paste them as references onto other paper. Tony has stolen my printing paper that I was going to use for this, so I cut up some of his wired magazines. Don't worry, I'm not as evil as I sound. He doesn't read them over and over again, like I do, and I have butchered many of his magazines in the past. He wont notice at all as long as I put them away in their place. Wired ones are my favourites for this project, they always have interesting layouts and flashy colours! Oh how I am attracted to flashy colours. I'm a little like the bird and his money.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First BBQ of the year

I've been dying to have something BBQ'ed lately and I got my wish today. We made BBQ with veggies and chicken and lemon pepper marinade. It was not too hot out which made things perfect.

Please excuse the dirty window, I have to do some spring cleaning it seems. Tony thought I was being humorous by peeking through the blinds to get a proper picture of his cooking.

It was very very good. We ate a lot. This is pretty much the only way I will eat zucchini and I love it this way.

Almost finished my brochure. At this point, this monster of a project should be finished tomorrow morning early afternoon. I am so done with worrying about it. Now we move on to worrying about my business card about me. This is for my very critical Layout class. So glad I don't have to be there for that, although instead I get to learn about birth...oh joy. 

My cousin and his wife should be having their baby tomorrow, yay! My Grandma has more boys as far as great grandchildren are concerned, so maybe we can even things up a bit for her. :) Ohhh lucky if it is a girl, she will be born in time for frilly Easter dresses. Le sigh, I wish our baby could be around for Easter this year, but next year we shall dress her up.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hello to you too bird.

Felt better knowing that the bird was so excited to have me home.  As soon as I had the keys in the door jingling around, I could hear the bird shrilly chirping. He didn't stop until I came into the living room. Tony was away at his friends for the first time in a while. He needs a break and that means that I get to fall asleep to a show on my ipod. Very thankful to have one with video.

Tonight's class left me very frustrated at the beginning, and I just felt like going home early, but I stuck it out and did some stuff at the end that wasn't too bad. I could have just stayed home and worked on my homework that I've been stuck in a rut on for 3 days. I have a plan for that, something that should work that's different than what I've been doing for days which is throwing out all my half done ideas and starting over. Just going to stick to one and finish it and be done with it.

I think Tony annoyed our baby. He had his hand on my belly and was waiting for her to move about and she started moving. He pressed down a little harder to feel it better and she seemed to be more upset and kicked on both sides and kicked twice as hard. It made us laugh cause she was not impressed that he was taking up her space. Poor baby. More braxton hicks contractions today, happens more on the way home and just now.  I guess that's a good thing. Doctors appointment tomorrow, early in the morning. Oh I hope its not busy, cause if it is, I usually wait like an hour past when my appointment was supposed to be. :P I end up getting so irritated unless I see little babies in the office. Then its ok.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is featured in a treasury again, this time for the evil soaps

There he is, lower right corner, my evil orange satsuma bunny soap.

This is the link to the treasury page: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=92316

They havent gotten much attention on there, and thats ok. I have not been doing a lot of selling on etsy lately. I am thinking that in April I will try again for a bit cause I will be bored.

Also, another etsy thing happened! I sold the one mug that I had on there a couple weeks ago. Noticed it was sold to someone who lives in Vancouver. Thought that was neat in itself as my stuff is usually shipped to the USA. Anyways, my fiend Tamara (who used to work at eBay with me) messaged me today on facebook about how she got the mug as a birthday present from her friend. Crazy awesome. We also have the same birthday, so that is double cool.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 page magazine spread, onsies and belly buttons

This is the 2 page magazine spread that I made for my layout class. Its the article for the cover of the magazine that I made before. I am liking this way more than the cover I made and am thinking about re vamping some of the cover. I'd like to hear what my teacher has to say about the cover, but we don't have time to go over them all in class. I also am away for the last class so I wont find out what he has to say unless they critique them in class and do mine even though I'm gone. I wouldn't mind that at all. That way I am kind of spared the wrath that could befall me if I go and its terrible. School is almost over. I have a ton of work to finish. I have a huge brochure/poster that I am going to work on tomorrow along with my other posters. So many posters due all at once...yuck. The brochure will frustrate me the most, it involves folding and 22 x17 inch paper with both sides being printed.

In other news, my parents were my visitors last night. I miss my family in Chilliwack so much, so I was so happy to see them. They came with a boxes of newborn and size 1 diapers that were donated by a friend as well as baby clothes and my birthday present! Baby has more newborn onsies which are so tiny and cute. It makes me sad to think of how fast she might grow out of them. :( The yellow and green onsies are from my parents and the pink and white ones were from Larissa.  The pink ones have bigger sizes so she can wear pink all the time. I have read though that people still confuse genders of babies regardless of if they are wearing pink or blue. In my opinion, I guess if you are colour blind you have an excuse.

When I am off for a month in April I am going to organize the clothes that we have so far and get them all ready. I will also get to make crafts and do things for me a bit because my birthday present from my parents was a Michaels gift card! YAY Crafts in April. Maybe I will find birth announcement ideas for baby there and some things to make them pretty and then other crafty things. OHHHH time to break out my Martha Stewart huge book of crafts. Oh that woman has some good ideas (expensive sometimes though). I wish I could go through it and try it all.

Prental class is this coming this Saturday. Tony and I are ready to go for an all day deal. It starts early in the morning, like 8:30. I am betting Tony will not get a lot of sleep as he also has school projects and things to do. Poor boy. He works so hard. This prenatal class should be interesting with him. We were given a sheet for us both to fill out things like
"what do you think labour is like?". Each of us has to answer. He asked me if he could answer it with a funny response. Um no. Not this time dear. Cause I said so.

He also is monitoring the progression of my belly button from being an innie to an outtie. Its still an innie and I hope it stays that way. Hes betting its going to pop out soon. I am afraid, its quite shallow now, but still looks like a belly button. More braxton hicks contractions, happening quite frequently on the bus or at school. Alanna felt it and was weirded out by it a bit. Kelsey seems afraid of it. I chased her around sticking my belly out and she flipped out a bit. That was entertaining.

Time to sleep soon, I am so tired today.

Friday, March 19, 2010

32 weeks.

I was a little bored and wanted to see how big this baby was growing. Oh my goodness, its coming up so fast. I think Tony is getting more excited too. He found that when he comes to bed and if I wake up, baby usually is awake and moves about. Now he comes to bed and puts his hands on my belly to see if she is awake. She disappointed him last night, but that was ok. Maybe tonight she will be more wiggly.

I will also be having visitors today yay! Finished my magazine layout, its done. I don't want to think about it or tinker with it anymore. Will print it this evening at the 24 hour kinkos.

I had to laugh. I am listening to the news while writing this and someone said "You MUST have antivirus software installed on your computer". LIES if you are a mac user. I have it installed but its useless to me as I have not encountered a virus or spyware yet and rarely scan this baby. I would be more careful if I had a PC I guess, but that is the advantage of having a mac.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My goals for tomorrow:
  • do 2 page magazine spread
  • clean the house (most of it)
  • find photos for photoshop class
  • work out

We shall see how much of this I get accomplished before school. I am thinking the cleaning and half a magazine spread will get done, but I hope I can do it all. Final projects all due at the end are getting to me, but I will try to do them all. There's one that I just wont bother with and I am ok with that.

It was so pretty outside that I went out downtown and bought a baby name book. I hope this helps with our dilemma. Getting so mad that its not decided on. I cant go through this whole thing without a name for baby.

I videoed the bird eating eggs cause I was bored. He made a little scrambled egg trail down my desk. The video quality on youtube is terrible though, so I don't think I will post it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

homemade peppermint oreo blizzard

I didnt feel like paying for an overpriced blizzard even though they are awesome, so I figured I would make my own. There was a sale on cookies a couple days ago and I had bought chocolate chip and oreo. Perfect! I made my vanilla ice cream a little smoother with a splash of milk and then added food colouring and peppermint extract.

Tony appeared in the kitchen the moment the pestal and mortar came out. He told me that he knows its good when he hears me use it. All it took was mixing up my awesomely green ice cream with the cookies and TA DA!

There will be more of these now. Tony already wants more, but he will have to wait for later as I just cleaned the magic bullet.

Monday, March 15, 2010

happy birthday to me AGAIN

This came in the mail Friday. I haven't had Starbucks in so long. I guess when you think exercise, briskly walking to Starbucks doesn't count if you are coming back with a Venti Strawberries and Cream frappachino. I went there with a plan of getting a grande, but the barista suggested a Venti since it was free. Well how could I resist, especially cause its free! I also realized that I have a husband at home who would love to share this with me. I bought him a coffee cause he also needs the caffeine today. He was really happy to wake up to coffee and to see the beast of a drink that I got for free.

I'm very thankful that hes helping me drink this, I just cant do it alone. I barely can drink a grande one of these. Going to do more brisk walking and work out dvd to counter this terrible goodness.

He had a bath in a cup of water today and was looking all fluffy and cute. Hes all damp and happy. He hasn't bathed in a cup of water for a long time. He made such a mess on my desk. Gave me incentive to clean up some of my desk.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I has the cutest bird

He was napping on the laptop, and was really sleepy because he kept wobbling on his one foot.

Apparently budgies tuck their beaks under their wing to rest their necks. Tony found this out yesterday. I find this adorable.  If I have a folder of cute bird images and videos, I can only imagine what this baby will get when its out.

Tony's second bowl of apple berry crisp was on his desk, lucky the bird is sleeping or he would be fighting to get into that.

apple berry crisp (and then some)

Today was my "empty-half-used-baggies-from-my-freezer" day. I found many half full and quarter full baggies of berries. These are the berries that you forget about that grow like an inch of ice crystals around them and you can barely tell what they are. I had apples and decided to make crisp.

I made this by myself a long time ago and it did not turn out well, it turned out dry and icky. Well this was much better.

Emptied all baggies of berries into a bowl in the sick to get the ice off and then did all my apples up and made the crumbly crumbly crust. While it was baking in the oven, I realized that its best with ice cream. I had less than 20 minutes and boogied to the Safeway in the rain (3 minute walk). Made it home with time to spare!

Tony was quite pleased with this desert, and was telling his best friend Ian all about how awesome it was. This made me very happy since its been a crappy day.

Its been very crappy for us both. He's been super busy with projects at school and it makes him stressed and grumpy. He stays up really late at school and comes home at like 1 or 2 am. Lack of sleep doesn't help him. He is fueled by coffee it seems.

I get all grumpy cause I am at home doing school work alone or at school and so we hardly see each other. Today has been the most I've seen him. He even goes into school on Saturdays to try and get things done.  I think its cause hes super stressed about being the group leader. He's never been the leader before for a project of this magnitude. They are making a robotic tank that you can steer by flexing your muscles.  Haven't seen it yet, but next week I think they are testing it, so I shall go down to UBC and take pictures of this crazy device.

Since Tony has been away from home a lot, the bird has been clinging to me way more. We usually do the dishes and have a shower together when I wake up. Bird sits on the shower head and gets all excited about the steam. The bird usually licks the tiles that have condensation on them. funny bird.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


contracting a whole bunch more now. The braxton hicks contractions are at it. My belly is all hard as a rock. Had quite the strong one just now. I've been slacking at school cause I know it will stress me out too much if I put more effort into it. I've been doing the projects that I like and that are also going to be in my portfolio. I am not doing one project at all. Its a waste of my time and it means less time for my other stuff.
I liked finishing my magazine layout. We shall see what happens with the critique, I will be preparing myself for the worst. It seems like when I get good comments from my classmates before its critiqued, I get harsh stuff back from the teacher.

The assignment was to take the random topic that was drawn from a hat and make a magazine cover. Lady Gaga being crazy with her fashion made me want to use her.

This was my final product:

Next class we might see do the critiques. This week I get to work on a 2 page spread for this magazine.

Almost done these terms of school, end of march is approaching fast.

weird baby dreams

I don't remember it all, but I remember that they were weird and not normal dreams at all. I've been good for not having bizarre dreams up to now. There were other people's babies, Tony was somewhere else and I got my way and named baby what I wanted without Tony being around...lol.

So very strange. I don't want more of these.

I broke the jar that holds my brown sugar this morning. Brown sugar everywhere. Bonus to cleaning up brown sugar is that its kinda like wet sand, so it cleaned up rather well compared to white sugar which is terrible.

I'm thinking I might be able to glue the jar together since it split right in half.

Its time to put on some make up, I have a presentation that's being video taped today. Maybe thats why I had a hard time finishing my oatmeal. Hopefully it doesn't all come up on the bus there or at school.

Friday, March 12, 2010

its chocolate + beer, wait, what?

Since I go to school on Granville Island and I have a friend who knows a lot about the beer from the brewery there, we decided to go after class. Apparently they were doing a final run of this chocolate stout and it was supposed to be good.

Beer has never been my thing, and obviously I wouldn't drink it now, but Tony will drink dark beer once and a while, and he loves chocolate. I totally thought we couldn't go wrong.

I bought him this box of 2, they were huge and I thought it would be a neat treat for him. He thought they were strange, cause in his brain, chocolate and beer don't mix. He drank one, and I think will give the other away.

So glad I had my backpack that day, cause a pregnant lady carrying beer would look so very wrong.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

enough said

I hate not having this picked out. It doesn't bother Tony as much as it bothers me. It also bothers me that we cant find anything that we both like. We've both been stubborn on this. This is to be continued...

the end is near...

its now 31 weeks and this baby is almost cooked. I've been thinking about the fact that we are going to be parents in May and what that challenge will be like. Shoot! It feels so daunting to think that we are in charge of an infant after this. I'm used to handing over the crying baby to the mother, and now I will be that person. *shudder*

I've found that baby doesn't like it when I slouch at my desk. Also doesn't like it when I sit with my knees up and balance food on top of my belly. I swear baby's goal was to kick the plate off. It wasn't heavy, just chicken nuggets and carrot sticks.

I haven't exercised a ton since my blood test was done, but it helped with my sciatic(?) nerves cause I'm feeling them again when I sit or wake up. Time to walk more around the block. It was nice out when I went today, but I saw snowflakes mixed with rain this morning. Winter is trying to make a comeback, and either it does or it stops this nonsense so we can get more sun. Nothing is worse than walking alone in the rain while Tony is in school.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The cake Tony baked

Ta da! hmmm....not so appealing if you are looking at it like this. I knew what went into it because I made the filling and icing. It would be ok to eat.

I guess its my fault that it looks this terrible. I tried a different type of icing that was different that my normal one that I make. This one was swiss lemon butter cream, and it involved cooking it over the stove and took more effort than my other one.

The innards have lemon curd in the middle. I love lemon curd. I also love that he makes cake with one layer significantly bigger than the other. He did good, it tasted good. I've only had one piece. I'm not huge on eating lots of cake. I wonder if I can freeze this stuff.

I was in the living room and Tony was at the kitchen table making my card. I heard an "Oh shoot, gonna need another card". Then a "never mind, its fine". I could only imagine what he did, but this is what happened.

I love his bird drawings cause its the only thing he knows how to draw well (he says). I love the little person with the flower too, and that he choose green. Its his favourite colour.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

relaxing birthday

I love birthdays that are relaxing. Im not a party type person really. When Tony woke up, he made me breakfast and then later on we went to the store to buy more eggs cause he didnt hear me say that we needed those for the cake.

The plan was for Tony to bake the cake (out of a box) and then decorate it with filling and icing that I made. I didnt trust him to make swiss buttercream icing and lemon curd.

So I told him that once I was done those 2 things, he could get baking and then decorate. I preheated the oven and it was strange that the light didnt go on right away, but it usually takes 20 seconds or so before it pops on. Well it never turned on. It was cold and dead.

We headed out in the pouring rain to Canadian Tire to get new fuses. Trust me when I say, it was the most Ghetto Canadian Tire we've ever been in. It felt like it was organized by people who run terrible dollar stores. The roof was leaking into a bucket on the floor and it was so small and tightly packed. Man, that was crazy.

So we tried the fuses and it did not work.

Such a bummer. Not only could we bake a cake, but then I had to forgo most of the food ideas for dinner, like baked potatoes with meat, or pizza breads. We still had meat and steamed veggies though.

Today of all days it decided to die. So Rollo ice cream was my birthday dessert. That was some good dessert.

Watched "the Blind Side" today with Tony. Very good, almost made me cry a couple times. Tony liked it too. The night before we watched "Sherlock Holmes". That one was more funny, more Tony's type of humor. I think he liked that one more.

These are my birthday flowers. He remembers that I love lillies and made sure to have them in my bouquet. They are going to pop soon and I cant wait. I love the smell of them, so much so that I bought a perfume that smells like lillies for my wedding. Its a strong one, but its so pretty.

There shall be a cake though, I will not have made all that awesome icing and filling for nothing!

Friday, March 05, 2010


I've gone to bed alone every night for the past 2 weeks. Tony's been at UBC until 1am ish when he gets home. Hes been working on a project at school with his group. I think the bird even feels more lonely, hes been grouchy even when I'm home. I hope this project gets done soon.

I did get to see Larissa today :) She bought me baby presents that I love. I shall have to take photos of them and the other baby things that are here in the house, or just demonstrate them on the baby when she gets here.

So my day was not so bad, but will still end kinda lonely.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Haven't been feeling so well lately. Feeling just blah. BLAHHHHHHHHH. Project Runway is downloading, I cant wait to watch it. Maybe that will make me feel better.

Tony heard me getting all upset last night, muttering to our unborn child that its a very big pain to wake up every couple hours to pee. So many weeks to go, and some days (or nights) I would prefer this to be done and then other days I cant imagine what it will be like.

Sorry baby for getting upset at you for taking up more space. Thank goodness its not for too much longer, and hopefully I will have more patience as its going to get worse I expect.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. Homework, errands, laundry and more all need to get done. I feel like giving up a lot of that crap. I dont feel like doing laundry, or traveling to Richmond on the skytrain. Been feeling like that a lot lately. Feel fed up.

I feel bad that this is kinda a downer post. Maybe tomorrow will be better despite of all the stuff I must accomplish.

I shall try to make the most of it, maybe I'll bring my camera for entertainment. Maybe there will be interesting things to take photos of.

*Update* My project runway did not work, the file was just a dead file. awesome.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Its only fair that after a blood test I get a treat

I was planning on something small from purdys like a chocolate bar, but Aria made my day by having me pick 2 eyeshadows from MAC for my birthday. Thank you Aria. :D That makes all the terribleness better. Still got a small chocolate since I don't have it often. I bought a new eyeliner (Powersurge) and eyeshadow (Ricepaper). So pretty.

I got home and re did my make up with the new stuff and some other stuff that I have. Then I had to do my hair (looked pretty bad from laying down to get blood drawn). Yes, I have to lay down or there's the possibility of passing out. Even this time I felt lightheaded after doing it. Its getting a little easier to do, but I still am afraid and get all weird when I think about getting it done. This is kinda why I am still afraid of the end of this pregnancy. If I can barely handle blood tests how do I handle that? I tell myself that drugs will help me, and I think that's what keeps me sane some days.

Today marks the 30th week exactly. Not many left. Terrifying to think about some days and then others I just want to get it done and over with so I can meet my little creeper. (Kelsey dubbed her that after I told her I saw the creeper moving about while I was in the tub. All horror stories start out in the tub usually).

I shall have to figure out the timer thing on my camera so I can get a better picture of my pretty makeup, right now the photobooth will do. (I love that photoshop can clean up the socks Tony leaves in the living room). Still have to pick them up :P

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

its really spring now

These were outside in the front of my apartment. I figured I'd take my camera while I was out for a walk.

The cherry trees are blossoming all over. I love them. Its like snow for spring when their petals fall.

I hope to get better pictures of these guys maybe later in the week.

from my little book of sketeches and doodles

I did this when I could take the pressure off the bleeding. I sat there all teary and drew out the horror of what happened. This is what I did when I realized that I cut myself... shut my eyes, screamed "IM BLEEDING" and raced over to Tony telling him not to touch it but to tell me how bad it was.

I don't want to ever hear the words "I think you filleted yourself" ever again in that situation, freaked me right out.