Monday, March 31, 2008

Pushin the limits

Today I did a stupid thing, friend Rob and I did a stupid thing. He told me once how his friend said double fillet of fishes were an abomination. Well, I figured that because I wasn't working out with him after work I would make it up by going to Macdonald's--it doesn't really make sense, but he loves the place. Once I said that he said we should both eat a double fillet of fish each. We ate the Double Big Mac one time and it was gross, but I felt I should, so off we went to Mac Donalds. We ordered 2 fillets of fish each and slapped them together kinda like a Big Mac (with a bun in the middle). Well, we did eat them, or most of them. It was so gooey and gross. I feel really ill now. I know better than to double up any sandwich of theirs and will have to work out quite a bit to work it all off. gross feeling, all that fish is swirling around in my belly and it better not come up!

Friday, March 28, 2008


It was snowing outside this morning. It snowed until 12 this afternoon. It wasnt small flakes either, they were big. I thought it was spring :( I even put my winter stuff away. Had to break out the boots so I could get groceries. (look at that leg, almost as white as the rug, it cries for spring!)

Today I am making chicken stew, yum. It will make me feel better with it being so cold outside.
Bird seems to be fine now, shes all happy and loves to be with Tony. She was creeping all over him and got up on his glasses again so she could nibble his hair. We have a bell for her and she attacks it and squawks at it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I read this on Arwen's blog about food hangups, and I have only a few.

The foods I dislike unless some are chopped up super fine are:

Onions -- if they are cooked and not cut small enough I wont eat them, they remind me of slithery snakes and they feel like they slither in my mouth.
Green Peppers-- Just gross
Radishes--dont eat them often enough to like them, but I just don't really like them anyways.
Stewed tomatoes-- I like to use them in spaghetti, but I wont eat them and will purposely avoid them when spooning myself some sauce.
Zucchini-- It tastes like NOTHING!! Therefore its useless as a vegetable and I don't like them.
Egg plant--Had it only once in a casserole and it wasn't nice, its pretty though.
Cottage Cheese-- :P I dont like that people mix this stuff with fruit let alone eat it with other stuff...its squishy and clumpy.

So now onto other things not about food. Larissa has a blog which is super cool, she is moving out here in a week or so, she just quit stream! YAY! I want to bring a food to her housewarming but I am not sure what to make. Shes making my favorite thing, spinach dip!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well, its kinda blurry but it works. The bird isnt feeling so well now, she threw up today a few times when I was at work. Tony worries about her as its not good when budgies do that. I hope she doesnt die. I am thinking it was because she flew up on the desk and landed in a bowl of icecream. Once we cleaned her off in the sink she was sitting by an open window and I think the cold made her ill -- they dont like the cold, they are tropical birds. Poor thing.

the flock

Something Tony told me last night: "We should make the bird feel better, we need to make her feel like part of our flock."

The end

Monday, March 24, 2008


Poor bird, shes feeling sick.
Tony called me all worried about his bird. She was throwing up yesterday.
I hope she feels better today.
She kinda wanted to get on the desk and landed in Tony's bowl of ice cream, so we cleaned her up, but we both forgot that it was kinda cold in the house and that wasn't good for her as she is a tropical bird.

Coley and I researched budgie health yesterday at work, and apparently the budiges hide their illnesses well or they can become easy prey. So because she was sick, that isnt good at all. Bird is quiet at the moment. Shes sitting in the sun.

I stuffed brocoli in her cage, but shes not liking it :(
Apparently they need to eat that kind of stuff, so its frustrating because shes scared of the veggies, kinda reminds me of a sibling I have.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


She was chirping just a few seconds before I tried to video her. I cant get her to sing on camera, she knows what I am doing and is camera shy I suppose. I need to get a better camera to zoom in on her so I dont have to be so close. Shes chirping now, little cute chirps.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

so much for that

Monday, March 17, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

My curly hair cant take it!!!

He's dead Jim...

That's right, he's dead. My computer's harddrive died a few days ago. Stupid computers!
Now I have to actually think of whether or not I want a new one, I might just see if I can get the Harddrive backed up and get a new harddrive. I have been hating my computer however, it annoys me, its loud and clunky. Laptops seem so much funner and better. I had so much music on that stupid thing and it was only a couple months ago that I had to do a recovery. I think this desktop computer is done for me.
Now to persuade Tony to spend money on a new laptop...possibly a mac laptop or dell and we shall see how this goes.

And now for all you star trek lovers out there, some entertainment!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

It came!!!

Its so cute, and its better than I expected when I opened the package. The seller said that it was dusty because its been sitting in a box since the 80's ish. LOL its amazing!!!

All the pieces are there, they are clean and fit awesome!! He he he he! Maybe I will play with it in the tub.... nah.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ahh the smell of paint!

I have been missing art and after being at the Vancouver Art Gallery, I decided I should get back to it and paint. I loved painting in high school, I love all the pretty colours of the paint, I love mixing my own colours, and I was very excited when I went into the Dollar Store near Tony's work the other night. They had stretched canvas, paints, canvas boards and all kinds of craft stuff.

I grabbed a few canvas's and some paints and home we went.
I started looking at the colours I had, just picked out red, purple, white, yellow and orange. The store didn't have all the colours of my rainbow but enough to play around. After playing around and not getting anywhere I got a little discouraged.


I have paints in my craft drawers in my room! PERFECT! Found a huge bag of them!!! YAY!
More than just reds and oranges, I had most of the rainbow!

Now my friend Coley loves unique art and she wanted something black, red and white, like the scheme of her new living room, she also likes unicorns.

I made it all tonight. My sense of humor is warped, but there is another piece in this set coming, its bigger and more graphic, I might even give a warning for it, should be fine.

There is a little red glitter for a cool effect, I wish the camera on my phone is better so it could capture it. :) Anyways, more art latter.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Presenting : Banana Bread!

I was bored today, my bananas were looking pretty brown and sad. Very sad actually.
I bought them to try and eat but I dont really like them plain anymore.
I knew I shouldnt waste them or stick them in the freezer or they would be cold and would never return from there so I made banana bread.

I wish I could try it now, I haven't made it by myself before so I am a little nervous. It looks alright, but still, we shall see...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New link!

Aria found me a really cool blog, all about making cheap food, and it looks good. I have yet to try making some of it, but I do plan on it. This new link is :

Other sad news, my computer is dying. Its telling me that I need to configure it or choose something to boot from. It sounds like its hard drive is dying. It works for a little while but then it dies after an hour. At least I can back up my stuff before it truly goes.

So I have been checking out the various different computers out there, not going to buy one yet, but just browsing.

I like this one, its pretty and I love dell computers. The downside, it comes with Windows Vista, and I am just not liking that operating system, they made it feel like a mac os but with all the crap windows has and thats just asking for trouble.

Now this is a sexy computer, yes you can call them sexy in this case. Its downside is that its a desktop and its a mac. Most macs have the power to run windows as well, as long as you buy that version of windows, so this does intrigue me. Tony is even interested in a mac, but from more of an engineers point of view. I like them because they are better for the things I want to do like the arts and entertainment stuff.