Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ahh the smell of paint!

I have been missing art and after being at the Vancouver Art Gallery, I decided I should get back to it and paint. I loved painting in high school, I love all the pretty colours of the paint, I love mixing my own colours, and I was very excited when I went into the Dollar Store near Tony's work the other night. They had stretched canvas, paints, canvas boards and all kinds of craft stuff.

I grabbed a few canvas's and some paints and home we went.
I started looking at the colours I had, just picked out red, purple, white, yellow and orange. The store didn't have all the colours of my rainbow but enough to play around. After playing around and not getting anywhere I got a little discouraged.


I have paints in my craft drawers in my room! PERFECT! Found a huge bag of them!!! YAY!
More than just reds and oranges, I had most of the rainbow!

Now my friend Coley loves unique art and she wanted something black, red and white, like the scheme of her new living room, she also likes unicorns.

I made it all tonight. My sense of humor is warped, but there is another piece in this set coming, its bigger and more graphic, I might even give a warning for it, should be fine.

There is a little red glitter for a cool effect, I wish the camera on my phone is better so it could capture it. :) Anyways, more art latter.


Anonymous said...

I love your little unicorn, or is that a horsey with a party hat?

Miranda said...

its the violent unicorn!

James Abrahams said...

It reminds me of something by Roman Dirge, Awesome!!

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