Monday, September 24, 2007


I has the keys!!! All 8 of them!!!
WOOOOO almost time to move in!!!
Saturday is moving day!!! YAY!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

my new favourite show.... and other things...

Ugly Betty!!!!
Cant help but love the bushy eyebrows and fierce orthodontia shes got going on. Reminds me of mean girls and the devil wears prada.
Went to work for the first day. It was slow, boring and the best part was the free drinks they give all their employees. Vending machines, coffee, juice and water all free. I drank all day. I didn't eat anything. I don't like eating in front of people that I don't really know, I just feel weird. I hardly ate anything on my wedding day. I so wanted to, but I couldn't, but then I was just stressed out too.

Learned about what you can and cannot sell on eBay. Cannot sell body parts, weapons, nazi paraphernalia, amongst other things. Cant believe people would sell that stuff anyways, but oh well. Pay pal is your friend apparently and I might just try it out. I haven't actually ever bought or sold anything on eBay, just looked around. I am too chicken. I might scope something out and buy it infront of the class when we learn all that stuff. I am in need of a new purse...hmmm....

What else is new...havent fought for the blankets in a while, Tony seems to share now. He hasnt taken all the pillows in a while either. The pipes make weird humming/ groaning noises when the hot water runs. Its weird and gets pretty loud. Anyone know how to fix creepy pipe noises?

Almost done this month, sooo ready to be moving into my own place! I am soo excited about doing that! I am gonna go and watch another episode of Betty. Ta Ta!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pigeon Tamer Extrodinare!!!

Yes, there is such a thing as a pigeon tamer. Fierce scraggly blonde hair, walked with a limp, had a little crazy look in his eye. His pigeon, creeped along his back, and across his shoulders. Pigeon even cuddled his neck. You should have seen Tony's expression when he saw it. You see, my husband loves birds. All birds. He giggles when he sees pigeons or robins on the street. He loves to see them hop around or chase each other.
He told me that one day he shall train a bird. He said that he will train a budgie. Closest he got to training one, was he said that it would hop on his shoulder and then fly off. Yes....we shall see, one day I might have a BUDGIE Tamer!!! oooooohhhh! But, yes, that was what we saw, crazy guy and his pet. Blech, all the bird poop and disease that thing had made me a little grossed out. This all went down in Gastown while walking to the spaghetti factory. mmm I had lasagna, and it was so good.

Going to orientation tomorrow for work, don't know what happens, probably a tour of the place and the rules. Its three hours long ish :P then I get to go home to Chilliwack.

Got really bored today, bought cookie dough from a package and made it. I personally would have loved to eat the dough, but after a few bites, I realized that its probably really bad for me. I baked them and they are on a plate for the rest of the roommates here. They are boys, they should eat them. I hope...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

kinda lonely

kinda just feel lonely here. I don't start work for another week, and I have nothing to do. Cant bake, cant really cook anything. Theres no place to store food or freeze it and tonys roommates take up most of the space in the fridge/freezer. I am only here another 2 weeks before we get our own place, but it feels like forever.
I get sooo bored. Been through a season of house and Malcolm in the middle and am getting sick of being around. Walks by myself are boring, and I forgot my i pod cord to charge it.
I don't know...I don't wanna go shopping and spend money. I guess I could finish making cards, but I am sick of sitting inside.
I dont know, i guess I am feeling lonely/bored.
I am gonna stare at the ceiling for a while.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wedding Pictures

As you can see by the title, I have posted some new wedding pictures for anyone who's interested. There are way lots more that I shall have to scan and put on, these are digital taken by my friend Dave (Stephanie's boyfriend...shes the redheaded bridesmaid).
I have ceremony pictures, and more formals, and I am being pressured to get off my computer so someone can use it to play the Sims2. Its only my computer, but its alright, its coming to Vancouver with me on Sunday!!! yay! I have so missed it.
So without further ado, wedding pictures!

Aww the boys looked soo cute. Earl is on the left and the Matt is on the right, hes the best man.

Earl, Matt, Tony, Me, Aria (maid of honor) Stephanie and Mikaela.
It was sprinkling outside, but not too bad. My friends were text messaging me all morning because it started raining. I had like 21 msgs in my inbox on my phone. They were all concerned. It was cute. I wasnt too worried about the rain. I was only concerned about it raining during the ceremony (which it didnt, thank you God).

I wasnt paying attention lol

Thank goodness I was sitting on plastic, my parents think of everything when they take pictures.
It was sooo windy on the docks. Poor girls were soo cold. The boys gave up their jackets for us for a while. Mikaela got my shawl.
Blowing in the wind.

Right after the ceremony we took family pictures....lthese are my grandparents from alberta.

me and my daddy

The family :)

So that is the end for now, maybe tonight I shall resize more and upload them. Hoped you had fun seeing them.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Value Village!!

We were shopping in chilliwack with Mikaela, Mom, Aria and Tony.
Went to the mall, and then went to value village to try and find Mikaela pants.
Me, Aria and Tony were a little bored...I personally love looking at the fur coats they have, and all the weird knicknacks. We got a little carried away. Oh and Halloween commeth, and that brings all the tacky costumes to that thrift shop! Oh man, even if they didnt have the cheap costumes, they still have awesome clothes to dress up in. My Aunty Laura bought us crazy clothes that sparkled and glittered from there to dress up in when we were little.
Here is our photoshoot that we took there :
I wonder how many animals it took to make this coat look good....


Work it Aria!


Aria has more of these :) see ya all later :)