Monday, September 17, 2007

my new favourite show.... and other things...

Ugly Betty!!!!
Cant help but love the bushy eyebrows and fierce orthodontia shes got going on. Reminds me of mean girls and the devil wears prada.
Went to work for the first day. It was slow, boring and the best part was the free drinks they give all their employees. Vending machines, coffee, juice and water all free. I drank all day. I didn't eat anything. I don't like eating in front of people that I don't really know, I just feel weird. I hardly ate anything on my wedding day. I so wanted to, but I couldn't, but then I was just stressed out too.

Learned about what you can and cannot sell on eBay. Cannot sell body parts, weapons, nazi paraphernalia, amongst other things. Cant believe people would sell that stuff anyways, but oh well. Pay pal is your friend apparently and I might just try it out. I haven't actually ever bought or sold anything on eBay, just looked around. I am too chicken. I might scope something out and buy it infront of the class when we learn all that stuff. I am in need of a new purse...hmmm....

What else is new...havent fought for the blankets in a while, Tony seems to share now. He hasnt taken all the pillows in a while either. The pipes make weird humming/ groaning noises when the hot water runs. Its weird and gets pretty loud. Anyone know how to fix creepy pipe noises?

Almost done this month, sooo ready to be moving into my own place! I am soo excited about doing that! I am gonna go and watch another episode of Betty. Ta Ta!


Meredith said...

Don't worry about crusty old pipes, you are moving soon enough. I am chicken to buy off ebay too. I love food too much not to eat infront of anybody.

Aria said...

Oh ebay! I am chicken too. Naomi buys off there - or used to - a whole lot.

I never knew you didn't like eating in front of people. Strange. I love eating haha.

OH and that pigeon guy before?! SICK AND AwEOSME at the same time!hahahahaha I think Tony will be a pigeon guy in the end, you a cat woman... haha

I dyed my hair!
that is all for now

Miranda said...

ewww he can feed the birds tuppins a day! once i know people better i eat more. its kinda cause I have a funny bite and things tend to fall apart when i try to bite them with my front teeth.

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