Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pigeon Tamer Extrodinare!!!

Yes, there is such a thing as a pigeon tamer. Fierce scraggly blonde hair, walked with a limp, had a little crazy look in his eye. His pigeon, creeped along his back, and across his shoulders. Pigeon even cuddled his neck. You should have seen Tony's expression when he saw it. You see, my husband loves birds. All birds. He giggles when he sees pigeons or robins on the street. He loves to see them hop around or chase each other.
He told me that one day he shall train a bird. He said that he will train a budgie. Closest he got to training one, was he said that it would hop on his shoulder and then fly off. Yes....we shall see, one day I might have a BUDGIE Tamer!!! oooooohhhh! But, yes, that was what we saw, crazy guy and his pet. Blech, all the bird poop and disease that thing had made me a little grossed out. This all went down in Gastown while walking to the spaghetti factory. mmm I had lasagna, and it was so good.

Going to orientation tomorrow for work, don't know what happens, probably a tour of the place and the rules. Its three hours long ish :P then I get to go home to Chilliwack.

Got really bored today, bought cookie dough from a package and made it. I personally would have loved to eat the dough, but after a few bites, I realized that its probably really bad for me. I baked them and they are on a plate for the rest of the roommates here. They are boys, they should eat them. I hope...

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