Tuesday, April 29, 2008

its good to work for eBay apparently...

Its good in a sense that I can check out the cool stuff on the site while at work, just got my new hoodie today, 12$ including shipping, pretty good deal for a roxy hoodie new with its tags :D
Apparently its also good to work for eBay because they are one of the top 50 best employers in Canada. Pretty cool stuff. Found that out yesterday and got a present from the company to celebrate. My nifty notebook is at work with doodles already inside and I ate the cool chocolate already.

So here is my cool new deal:

As you can see, I tried to swat him out, but he wanted to be in this one, so it is published now :)

I didn't want to show my tired face...its 11:30 and time for bed.

Monday, April 28, 2008

one of my more creative breakfasts...

Pesto, red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and chicken in spaghetti. I wish I had other noodles but these worked. It kinda doesn't look as good as it tastes but it was a good experiment.

Now for those of you who dont know, I dont eat breakfast food. I am not really a eggs and toast or cold cereal kinda girl. My favourite thing to eat was leftovers from the night before. Cold pizza is the best, and I dont reheat it, it stays all good and cold. In highschool I even went as far as eating icecream for breakfast. That was really good. I dont think Mom knew about that one...but it was only one time. We also kinda did the breakfast food for dinner though last night. Bacon and eggs, those were good.

Time to go, the Office just loaded.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

the family FREAKSHOW!

The fam dropped me off today after a fun weekend over in the wack.
They all played with the bird and enjoyed her.
Then they all checked out the mac and were somewhat amazed that there wasnt a tower that came with it but also found a green light and when they all stared at it, amazing things happened...

I left moms out cause she didnt want it on the internets where all can see. :)
The last 2 I call the Big Eye and the Brain...Hehehehe

Monday, April 21, 2008

Some interesting events that occurred...

And then this is what happened....

Fishing wet bird out of a cup kinda sucked, but she enjoyed her water. I was kinda more worried she would tip the cup over and spill water all over the desk.
Tony thinks he has the cutest bird ever. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

the marshmallows

I figured I needed to make something fun for my blog, and it took a while and here it is.
I loved that the burnt marshmallows were all out to eat the white ones! They were so cute.
The bird is sitting here sleeping on my desk.

What else is new....made crepes tonight, with berry sauce, they were good!
Wondering when Jen will have her baby, as her due date was today. Come on baby!
Man, everyone is having babies it seems. *sigh* oh well, maybe in a year or 2. :P
I shall go, its getting late and I work tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Nibbler!

I put on her favorite song and everything and all I got was one chirp and bites!
I think she was more interested in herself or her reflection in the monitor when I was trying to video her. She has been quite the talker recently. She might have also liked or disliked the hand cream I put on...satsuma mmmm!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

whats that I smell?

deep fried PORK! Yep, my apartment building smells particularly porky today. I'd say about 4 days a week it smells bad. I am so turned off of pork, it now grosses me out.
Tony got his hair cut now, which makes the bird work extra hard when she wants to nibble it.

Watching Star Wars, the last old movie. Its the end fight scene and its pretty good, I haven't seen these ones in a while.

Oh and I saw the Smart People movie, it was cute, and I liked the ending, and I love Ellen Page, shes awesome! I am waiting for Juno to come out, I cant wait to watch it again!

Nothing else is really new, been playing around with photoshop and am planning a new layout for this blog. Its kinda ugly right now, but it will get better :)

That is all for tonight, I shall post something more substantial later.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Hello mac!
Tony and I both decided my computer was done and I am looking to get rid of my desktop and the huge monster of a monitor thats in Aria's room. Tony was even alright with getting a mac which suprised me. A year ago I talked about macs and he looked like he could have disowned me. Now hes all excited too like me! This sucker is super awesome so far. I am happy to leave behind a world of viruses and the blue screen of death. I am having a good time remembering all my awesome mac skillz! I haven't used one of these since highschool, but its exciting! School always had macs, they had the huge big white G4's I think and the colourful ones that were cute as well.