Sunday, April 20, 2008

the marshmallows

I figured I needed to make something fun for my blog, and it took a while and here it is.
I loved that the burnt marshmallows were all out to eat the white ones! They were so cute.
The bird is sitting here sleeping on my desk.

What else is new....made crepes tonight, with berry sauce, they were good!
Wondering when Jen will have her baby, as her due date was today. Come on baby!
Man, everyone is having babies it seems. *sigh* oh well, maybe in a year or 2. :P
I shall go, its getting late and I work tomorrow.


Aria said...

ahh! I love the marshmallows! I need to make a new layout too. Yours is really spiffy. tell me your ways.

Aria said...

vector girl?

Miranda said...

LOL I shall show you how to make it all neat. I made the header with cool marshmallow brushes :) dont think they were vector but they could be. I have some neat ones to show you, and hello kitty ones!

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