Wednesday, March 30, 2011

last weekend...

Sadie and I visited my parents place. Tony had lots of homework and stress from applying to jobs. Poor guy.

Sadie received an early birthday present. Who knew that a ball of yarn would be better than a brand new play kitchen? She ended up playing with the kitchen the rest of the weekend once we showed her all the things it did. She loves the music part where the kitchen sings to her. Guess I should sing more too (I'm not the singing type of gal).

Mik and her friend Joy did homework and afterwards, we played UNO Extreme. Aria jumped every time someone had to press the button. I didnt get pictures of it, I was having too much fun.

Then Mik and I went at making practice cupcakes for my sister in law's bridal shower. Lemon cupcakes with lemon curd and raspberry icing. The swirl is something I've been wanting to try for forever! It turned out well enough that I'm going to do it for her cupcakes. I'm also going to tweak the icing. It needed more raspberry.

So that was that. We went shopping, ate the best gyoza (they deep fry it at the place in the mall) and its way better than the pan fried crap. Also had indian food and then watched The Amazing Race. Crazily enough, it was the episode where they were in India. Made the experience way more awesome.

Little baby is kicking away in there now. Feeling lots of movement. I every once and a while kinda forget that there's a baby in there, and then it reminds me. I love it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

spring cleaning

or lack of...

Sadie has pointed out to me that there are glorious treasures behind my couch. I know for a fact that there are also wonderful treasures under it and inside it.  I put those treasures there lazily before she was born. Treasures such as candy wrappers, or papers that fell behind the cushions. Yep, I'm terrible.

 Since the majority of her toys are beside the couch, she has taken to exploring everything around there, and now behind it.
 Paper is for eating apparently.
 Then we go back and dive in for more!
She got pretty stuck in there, she was reaching for something "awesome" and so I decided to prevent her from getting back there, at least temporarily.
 Yes, board books make wonderful temporary barricades. Don't worry, its only temporary, I will be cleaning while she naps.
Annnnd...defeated. What a sad face.

Monday, March 21, 2011

a reading fort

She had a fun time playing fort. Even funner time playing destroy fort, but she didn't realize that she could destroy it until after she was done with being under it.

There are some things we battle over daily. This day, she won. She won the right to have a messy face, cause I just for some reason or another didn't care so much about it. Oh well. Mess happens.

She had her physio today. Still not turning her head all the way to the left. 95% there, but we need it at 100. She also stopped tilting her head to the side, but still does it sometimes -- like when shes tired. We are still working on it. We have another appointment in May. I hope its the last one. I want her to be 100%, not 95%. If we arent at 100%, her face will look a-symmetrical, and its because of the muscles in her neck and face on the left are still a little weak. I see it in her face, and so does Tony, so we want it to be fixed.

Good thing is that she doesn't need a collar. Yes, my girl could have been in a collar. It would have corrected the tilt of her head, but I'm very happy she doesn't need it. The collar is a small tubing thing that isn't too large, but its worn all day until she goes to sleep. That would have sucked.

Maybe tomorrow I will do my hair all nice and take a picture of me in my new dress. I got one yesterday when I went shopping with Beth.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy 10 Months Sadie

Just a bunch of iphone photos, but its something. Some of them were really cute. Like this one of you trying out your little rocking chair at Grandmas house. You loved it, until you couldn't get off.

I love your innie outtie belly button. Its one of my favorite parts of you.

Sometimes I find you like this during your nap. Or you are on your tummy on top of all your blankets.

We shared a smoothie yesterday. Drinking out of a straw is awesome.

Yarn can still entertain you for a long time. Long enough for me to make a square or 2 before you get tangled.
We had a treat after my dr appointment. You were so well behaved. Mixed berry frozen yogurt! I don't think you liked the cold part. You liked the sweet part though. You had many bites, but wouldn't smile for me. I ate most of it, cause your sibling told me to. :)

You are tasting everything now. I let you taste my coconut curry with chicken and beans. You liked the beans, but then spit out the chicken. You aren't a fan of chunks of meat yet.

So there you are, 10 months old now! Your birthday is coming up soon, so I better get on making things for you. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unexpected Visitor

This morning was like any other. We were sitting in the living room, talking about Sadie - who was playing with Tony's jeans. We were talking and playing with Sadie until Tony asked "Is that inside???"

Whoa! Whats inside!?!? Where??!?! He pointed at the window across from us, and lo and behold, we had a small visitor. I couldnt tell what it was, but immediatly, Tony told me to take Sadie into the bedroom for now. As I did, he called back to me and told me, it was a cute little bird. He had no idea how to deal with this.

I shut the bedroom door, bathroom door, and came running in...with the camera. I totally know how to deal with these situations :) So as he was trying to shoo the chickadee back out the window, I was snapping pictures of our new little friend.

 (the first sighting of our visitor)

 Sadly, our friend didn't stay long. Maybe just long enough to get warm and then get out. Too bad he couldn't be our budgies friend. Looking back, I feel bad for not feeding our guest...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the trials and tribulations of sewing...

The last time I sewed really was when I was in eighth grade. Ah home ec. I was terrified of the sewing machine. I was afraid I'd be the only one to break it. My projects were terrible looking. I didn't keep any of them.

So fast forward to today. This year the crafty gal in me decided to give sewing another chance. I'd been reading blogs about crafts and sewing and all the really neat things you can make. I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas, and one appeared under the tree for me.

It was beautiful and terrifying all at once. I realized that I forgot how to operate a sewing machine, and then what happens if I break it? It sat in the box a while and when I unpacked it, it called to me. "MIRANDA, USE ME!" "MAKE PRETTY THINGS WITH ME"

and I ignored it.

Until Coley came over. She got me started. We practiced threading the machine (which I am still terrible at, so I dread changing colours) and I got a bobbin filled. That part is fun.

So now I'm sewing. I made a gift bag on my own. Its terrible. It took 3 attempts before it worked out. I should remember to read directions all the way through--cause when you don't, its just bad news.

This is the end result:

Crappy camera phone pictures for now, but if I used the good camera, it would show all my terrible mistakes :) I am going to do this one again, and practice.

Hello little one

Man time is flying by little one. 17 weeks now. Wow. Heard your little heart beating at the doctors office today. It was wonderful. So far we are doing well, blood tests are all good. I am very much relieved that the the doctor said nothing about my weight. Less stress is good for us baby.

Ultrasound is in 3 weeks, and I cant wait! I want to know if you are a little boy or girl. I don't care which, but I am dying to know. You better not be camera shy!

I'm learning to sew. I hope to sew you something, or make you something special. We'll see how my skills are after a few projects.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Random thoughts going through my head...

This is in point form, cause its how I roll right now:

-I should work out more, like every day more. I lack motivation. My doctor said that this baby will most likely be a c section if its not a small baby. This should motivate me more to work out, but sadly, I'm stuck working out a little here or there. Come on motivation!!!! Get out of the house crazy!

-Small baby = not as healthy? Not sure how I feel on the whole, trying to keep this sucker small. Doctor said exercise will help, but really? I have my doubts. I read a blog on a momma who worked out religiously at the gym with a fairly extensive regimen, and what happened? She still ended up with a 7lb 11 oz baby, and thats just a tad smaller than Sadie.  I know exercise is good, so I'm still going to give it a go, but I hate stressing every single doctors appointment about my weight. I feel like a cow, and its not even half way I think.

-So far eating healthier is going ok. I've cheated, had birthday cake, and pasta, but now its back to soups and salads and terrible cheese sandwiches.

-I miss eating sliced meats. I hate walking past Subway. Darn you Subway and your delicious meat filled sandwiches. All I want is a delicious cold cut combo with black olives, lettuce, and mayo.  My stupid homemade cheese sandwiches with tomatoes and pickles don't work anymore.

-Sadie is teething something fierce. Evenings are the worst. Every night after dinner, she is clingy, pink cheeked, and whiny. I bumped her top gums with her plastic spoon during dinner, and red eyes and wailing ensued. Lets just say, dinner was over, and I got to hang out with her all evening. Orajel didn't cut it last night, so tylenol it was. 

-We are trying to get away from bottle feeding, and use the sippy cup more. It just doesn't fly with her yet. That's ok with me, she will get the hang of her sippy cup soon enough.

-Also trying to get her to self soothe more at night. Its getting easier at nap times, but at night its a little different. Sharing a room hinders this, especially when all you want her to do is shut up so that your tired husband can get proper sleep before his exams. Very much looking forward to moving so we can work on sleeping through the night in separate bedrooms, or maybe cut it down to 1 feeding a night.

-I can never spell seperate right. Same with definatly. Stupid words on my spell check. Thankful I have spell check though, so you don't have to see my mistakes as much.

-I'm right brained, married and married to a left brained man. I've always known that, but I love this poster, and had to share it with you all.

-This weekend, I celebrate my birthday with the family in chilliwack. There will be cake as far as I know :) more cheating. Don't care cause its my birthday. Tony is taking me to dinner and a movie. I'm thinking we are going to see The Adjustment Bureau. I love Matt Damon.

-Also want to find this book "I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids". I've heard great things about it. 

That is the end of my thoughts, maybe later I will post Sadie pictures or something fun.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Day at the Park

It was such a beautiful day today. Sunny and not terribly cold out, so what better way to celebrate it than by taking Sadie to the park.

 I sat her down on the edge of the sandy area and let her sit and watch the kids. She LOVES babies and kids. She sat and watched for all of 10 seconds before squealing "EEEEEEE" at them and flailing her arms around. She was enthralled by them. Just sat and squealed with the biggest grin on her face.

 Then she discovered new things, like sand, and rocks and maple tree seeds. Had to taste everything (as normal). I didn't care that she was tasting things, as long as it wasn't big enough for her to choke on. 

Once the swing was free, we plunked her in and she has the time of her life. She laughed and screamed, and loved it. At first I thought she was just laughing at a little girl that was near by, but that girl left and she was still laughing when Tony was pushing her.

 I'm so happy that there is a park near by with lots of kids. She will be going to the park a lot this spring and summer.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Milkmaid Braids

Its been a long time since I've done something different with my hair. Today was the first day since before Sadie was born that I straightened my hair, and I did a crappy job. Lets just say that even when the child is strapped into her bouncy chair on the bathroom floor, she can get into all kinds of trouble. She was very good for the first half of my hair, and then by the second half, she was bored.

She threw her toys on the floor a while ago, and now wanted them back. She leaned all the way forward, so that when I turned around to see what she was grunting about, I could see her hands touching the floor.

Well, I up righted her, and within minutes, she was at it again. So I took her out, and let her stand against the tub. She loved that. Thought it was bath time, and squealed, and kept squealing until she lost balance and fell over between the tub and the toilet. Poor girl was quite startled, but managed not to cry. I plunked her in her bed and listened to her cry at me while I finished the rest of my hair. It didn't take long, just a few minutes.

We played for a bit, and then while she napped, I did my hair up following the video that  Sometimes Sweet had made. Not too bad, it keeps it up and out of the hands of a small girl, who likes to try and pull my hair out to try and eat it. I will have to practice more though.

shape ball

Brought this out for her the other day as she is almost old enough to play with it. She loved peeking inside it to see what was rattling around inside.

In other news, I'm trying to think of birthday party things for Sadie. Shes turning 1! I think it will be a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Cupcakes, candy and snacks, and a special cupcake for the little girl.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hello little one

Its been 15 weeks now. You are getting bigger, and its showing now. My tank tops aren't fitting me like they used to. You are making them stretch out and ride up. Its not making me happy, but its ok.

I have a doctors appointment coming up, and I get to hear your little heartbeat. That always makes me happy.

I took a 15 week picture and thought of not posting it, but I took it, so I might as well. So here you are so far:

 I brought your sister down to see the big mirrors. We worked on her neck muscles infront of the mirror after I took some pictures of her. She loves looking outside. I cant wait till its sunny, and then when you are here, we can all go to the big park.

I've been thinking of names for you, but nothing serious. I just flip through the name book every once and a while, looking at old favorites and things. We wont name you until your daddy is done school, so less stressed out.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

lets touch the camera lens!

ACK! This deceptively cute girl decided to use her cuteness charms to touch the camera lens. Thank goodness for lens cleaning cloths.