Monday, March 21, 2011

a reading fort

She had a fun time playing fort. Even funner time playing destroy fort, but she didn't realize that she could destroy it until after she was done with being under it.

There are some things we battle over daily. This day, she won. She won the right to have a messy face, cause I just for some reason or another didn't care so much about it. Oh well. Mess happens.

She had her physio today. Still not turning her head all the way to the left. 95% there, but we need it at 100. She also stopped tilting her head to the side, but still does it sometimes -- like when shes tired. We are still working on it. We have another appointment in May. I hope its the last one. I want her to be 100%, not 95%. If we arent at 100%, her face will look a-symmetrical, and its because of the muscles in her neck and face on the left are still a little weak. I see it in her face, and so does Tony, so we want it to be fixed.

Good thing is that she doesn't need a collar. Yes, my girl could have been in a collar. It would have corrected the tilt of her head, but I'm very happy she doesn't need it. The collar is a small tubing thing that isn't too large, but its worn all day until she goes to sleep. That would have sucked.

Maybe tomorrow I will do my hair all nice and take a picture of me in my new dress. I got one yesterday when I went shopping with Beth.

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hello deer! said...

i totally remember making forts as a kid! lucky sadie!

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