Friday, March 25, 2011

spring cleaning

or lack of...

Sadie has pointed out to me that there are glorious treasures behind my couch. I know for a fact that there are also wonderful treasures under it and inside it.  I put those treasures there lazily before she was born. Treasures such as candy wrappers, or papers that fell behind the cushions. Yep, I'm terrible.

 Since the majority of her toys are beside the couch, she has taken to exploring everything around there, and now behind it.
 Paper is for eating apparently.
 Then we go back and dive in for more!
She got pretty stuck in there, she was reaching for something "awesome" and so I decided to prevent her from getting back there, at least temporarily.
 Yes, board books make wonderful temporary barricades. Don't worry, its only temporary, I will be cleaning while she naps.
Annnnd...defeated. What a sad face.

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hello deer! said...

oohhhhh my goodness this is way too funny! the one of her behind the couch is hilarious!

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