Wednesday, March 30, 2011

last weekend...

Sadie and I visited my parents place. Tony had lots of homework and stress from applying to jobs. Poor guy.

Sadie received an early birthday present. Who knew that a ball of yarn would be better than a brand new play kitchen? She ended up playing with the kitchen the rest of the weekend once we showed her all the things it did. She loves the music part where the kitchen sings to her. Guess I should sing more too (I'm not the singing type of gal).

Mik and her friend Joy did homework and afterwards, we played UNO Extreme. Aria jumped every time someone had to press the button. I didnt get pictures of it, I was having too much fun.

Then Mik and I went at making practice cupcakes for my sister in law's bridal shower. Lemon cupcakes with lemon curd and raspberry icing. The swirl is something I've been wanting to try for forever! It turned out well enough that I'm going to do it for her cupcakes. I'm also going to tweak the icing. It needed more raspberry.

So that was that. We went shopping, ate the best gyoza (they deep fry it at the place in the mall) and its way better than the pan fried crap. Also had indian food and then watched The Amazing Race. Crazily enough, it was the episode where they were in India. Made the experience way more awesome.

Little baby is kicking away in there now. Feeling lots of movement. I every once and a while kinda forget that there's a baby in there, and then it reminds me. I love it.

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