Saturday, May 31, 2008

whats there to eat?

This is one of my first thoughts when we got home from Playland. Once we got in the house I opened up the fridge, and low and behold...Condiments!!! mmmm ketchup, mustard, sweet chilli sauce and half an avacado. Someone really needs to go shopping this weekend.

Now we didn't take the camera today, but we had an amazing time. It was the wooden roller coasters 50th birthday this year. I celebrated this by going on it about 4 times. It wasn't too busy today, it was sunny at first and then overcast. No rain, but the clouds might have scared people away. So on one of my roller coaster rides, I was with Beth. (Beth is my sister in law). We were just going down the second hill, and I noticed the 2 girls in front of us laughing, and then one asked the other "are you ready?" I was thinking they were all ready for the picture, and they were! As we went down, their shirts went over their faces and FLASH! I was a little shocked and was laughing at them screaming afterwards. Right as we got off, they bolted for the picture booth...too late, theirs was replaced with a nice scenic picture of Playland. The guy working the booth told them he would get show them their picture later on.
We also fit 5 of us on the log ride, Tony, Beth, me, Kathryn and her bf Jeff. The first hill soaked Tony, who was in the front. We saw the wave go over the top of the log, but then it went and hit him full on. Second hill was crazier. We had the hugest tidal wave and the front end of the log dipped so low we were all soaked. Tony was the most wet, and then the Jeff was pretty bad off, as Kathryn ducked behind me leaving him totally open for the crazy wave.

My legs are so tired, they walked all day long. Tony isn't feeling well, especially after eating those delicious mini doughnuts.
Time now to finish the iron chef epsiode of potatoes!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

the world outside my back door

I found you the world Aria! Click here for the listing, let me know if you like it, and if its the right size : the world

I am almost finished the movie "Death at a Funeral", its pretty funny and its british humor. Man, I love their weird twisted ways of thinking.

We are also testing out the new old bbq that Tony's dad and step mom gave us. Cant wait to chill out on the little patio and eat a burger and watch the little old people/ homeless people pushing their shopping carts down the alley. We have a great view of our high traffic alley, never a dull moment when you are sitting outside. Saw a skunk, stray cats, the typical crazies. Most of the activity in our alley takes place early morning. Once I heard some woman freaking out, her car was broken into for the third time. I was barely awake listening to her freaking out and talking to some guy (possible boyfriend). I heard her mention that all her cd's were taken from the front dash and a few other things like her change and such. In my half asleep state I realized how stupid this woman was to leave that crap laying all over the inside of her car. Oh well, now she knows better.

Anyways, this is all I have for now, there might be pictures of our adventures tomorrow, maybe.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

feel the burn

As you can see, summer has arrived. I can feel it quite literally. I didn't think I was that red until I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. I want the aloe vera gel, it makes me feel better. The beach was fun and the burn was worth it, it was an awesome day!

For Mikaela...

Silly girl, I hope you feel better soon!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Emmy to list 10 weird or random facts or habits about myself... Here we go!
  1. I have downloaded most of the seasons of Recess, its got a good mix of adult and kid humor lol.
  2. When I am nervous I pick at the hangnails on my thumbs, and I sometimes dont notice how bad my thumbs can look, so I bandaid them until they are better.
  3. I love Hello Kitty, you really cant be more cute than she is.
  4. I have told people that I perm my hair so that they stop talking about how awesome natural curly hair is.
  5. When I was 10 I went through what my mother called a "Death" phase. I wasn't goth or anything crazy, just read through a long series of books where kids were terminally ill with a disease or cancer.
  6. Went through the Disease phase shortly after the death phase. This was also triggered by the biology courses I took in high school and when it came to the body, were fascinating!
  7. I have more than 15 passwords to always remember.
  8. I don't drink coffee, I drink tea, and chai is one of my favorites.
  9. I play with my hair on the bus when I am bored, and then it gets all frizzy.
  10. I like to wear my very dark sunglasses and watch people while sitting at starbucks...the people watching can be fun, especially with friends.
Now if you want you can do this, but I will tag Aria for sure, cause her blog can be a little on the empty side :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

the WORST morning EVER! (with pictures)

As you can see by my title that today was terrible! It all started out when I was told that I had an earlier shift for this week to do training at work. No big deal, I have done training before. I checked the transit schedule that night to realize that instead of the skytrain, I would have to take the bus. I checked and I had to take a bus down into a really crappy part of town and then wait or another bus to get me the rest of the way to work. I figured, no big deal, maybe the really crappy part of town would get not so crappy where I had to wait for the bus.
So I woke up after not sleeping so well at 5 am. Got ready, it looked kinda nice out, and then when I stepped outside...

DRIP! On my head!
Well, hopefully it will just sprinkle....nope.
So I waited for my first bus...and got on.
The bus took me to the crappier part of town, I noticed a lot of crazies, more and more appeared, and then some got on the bus.

I could hear this guy spitting behind me, thank goodness I was near the front of the bus, but NASTY!
So after a crazy bus ride, I had to get off the bus, and then realized that this part of town was bad, and creepy, and I was all alone.
I whipped out the phone and tried to call Tony, but I knew he wouldn't hear the phone cause he sleeps through it when its early.
I waited, heard some whistling...looked around, yep, 2 creepy guys were hanging over a balcony and yelling at me and whistling at me. But it gets worse... as I am furiously trying to call Coley, I see a beer bottle fly my way and hit a transit supervisor van. Great...

I was in a panic, got the phone out again, ready to call Coley or the Police, but the guy in the van I could hear him call the cops, so I tried calling Coley again, and then Tony. But no, the phone gave me error 100, over and over and over again.

What good is a phone if its dead when I need it most?!?!? I was so close to smashing it on the ground in front of me, I was so mad and upset.
I was ready to cry, couldn't think and then saw the bus I was waiting for go past my stop and down the road.
I was pretty stupid and ran across the street waiving my arms and praying it would stop, and thank God it did!
I was pretty shaky, couldn't for the life of me find my bus pass, but then found it.
Got to work, and then my phone started working again. So angry, I am calling Bell to be angry!

Well, my day got a little better. Calmed down at work after an hour, figured I deserved a treat for what happened, and bought an ugly doll, his name is poe, and this is what he looks like:

He is an ugly dragon that came from an ugly cave. And yes, when I have children, I shall give him to them. My children shall share the same twisted humor I do.
My day got better when I got home, Tony made spaghetti and it was yummy! I made the smoothies and we had creamsicles for desert.

I will never take the bus to work again, and will use the skytrain instead, that was ridiculous and scary! Thank goodness the skytrain runs early tomorrow, it was all because this stupid holiday.

Anyways, the dishes call to me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

the not so typical crazies

I have been living in the big city for a while now. I figured I had seen most everything that could be seen. I have had methheads sit beside me on the bus. Have had aggressive homeless people ask for money and seen people screaming at nothing in the evenings. I hear the people going through the garbage in the alley at night (makes me want to get a shredder), but nothing could really prepare me for what I saw tonight.

I was by myself tonight waiting for the bus in a crappy part of town. Theres lots of people around, but my friend Peter who sits on the bus with me was away today. So as I was walking up the stairs to the bus stop, I see a guy ahead of me. Now, I have seen people wear capes, not common, but have seen it. He looked a little lumpy in his cape. As I got a little closer, I saw the head on the person was lumpier than what most people are. Started looking like this guy had mumps...but no, it then hit me that this person must be wearing a mask. When he stopped at the bus stop, I got another pretty good glimpse of him and yes, he was wearing a mask, a Gas Mask!!! That was one of the creepiest things I have ever seen.

My imagination went crazy. At first I thought, hmmm, does he look like the type to blow up a bus? Nah, maybe not blow up, but poison, he could poison a wack of people. Saw his face again, he had glasses and longish hair. Couldnt see much else after that, cause again, the gas mask was crazy huge. Started thinking, do I really want to take this bus? Well, I kinda want to get home, so I got on with the my Gas Masked friend, but I sat at the back by the doors, I had an escape plan! I pitied the people sitting near this guy, if he went off, I wasn't about to go with him like they would. Some girl, who was kinda stupid, saw this guy and asked him if he was ok. You just don't do that, you leave those crazies the hell alone!

And now to finish my story. The caped gassy man got off the bus a few stops ahead of me, we didn't blow up or get poisoned, but man, I never want to see anyone do that again.

Now that my imagination isn't taking over as completely, I think that this person was a emo kid looking to make a statement or looking for attention. He definatly got it that was for sure. Well done my caped gas man, well done.

Just try and imagine seeing this at night in the creepy part of town on a caped man....spooky!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


This cloudy weekend we went to the cycle a thon. There must have been a lot of people praying for it not to rain because it was so cloudy but there was no rain.
Camp was raising money to send kids who couldnt afford it to go for the summer.

We wandered around, had lots of good food, bbq!!

There was a petting zoo which had Mik's bunny Davie in it, along with mini horses, sheep, goats and ponies.

There were games for the kids, face painting, cotton candy (one of my favourites) and live music and a concert. It was good fun. The best part by far was the zip line. They opened the 30 ft one, but the 60 ft one was closed as there werent enough staff to run that one.
All us kids went, it was a blast.

Sitting up on a tiny platform way up in a tree with only a rope and harness on was so creepy. Once the girl on the platform beside you hooked you up, the rope pulled you a little towards the drop, but it was up to you to launch yourself off and free fall across the field and towards the trees.

2 thoughts went through my head, one was this: Must try to keep my eyes open. Second thought: if I chicken out I will look like an idiot, so I do have to do this sometime.

I did it, it was so much fun! Aria and Tony werent able to video it, but I shrieked as I dropped down. We hiked all the way down from top 40 and grabbed Mik and her friends. Mik had the hardest time finding a helmet that would fit her super small head.

I would have posted video of the zip line but they didn't upload fast enough, and hopefully Aria will send them to me or post them on her blog :)

And now I am back at home, the bird is so happy now that we are back. She grew in a lot more little stubby feathers on her head, looks like she has small horns.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

a cup of the queens tea

While I was making Stirfry for breakfast, I got to thinking about the little package of specialty tea in the cupboard. It came with my little red teapot from my momma. Also the tea is tea the queen uses at her Tea Parties. Its pretty interesting tea, I like it.

Oh, and while I was cutting up my red pepper, I noticed it was spawnning or was a MUTANT PEPPER!!!!

Tony is doing a habitat for humanity thing where builds a house. Hes going with a group of people from his work tomorrow. Its really cool sounding. I kinda wish my workplace would do that.

Its gross outside again, I expected weather like this though.
Mothers day cometh and I need to still find something nice for my mothers. :)
Beth and I will go shopping for our mothers soon, this shall be fun, as shopping with Beth is crazy fun.

I need to go do my hair, it looks horrendous!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

its ALIVE!!

Well, kinda dead, but it keeps growing and growing and growing! I am feeling a little rapunzelish at the moment. So, my question to you all is, shall it stay this length (with a trim) or be cut shorter?

I wish I had older pics with me in my shorter hair, but alas, they are at the parents house and some aren't pretty...well, I was in those awkward years , ew!

On the way home from work, we had a skytrain photoshoot, I am gonna make Rob and Doug STARS!!!

I love Dougs expression... in this last one.