Wednesday, May 07, 2008

a cup of the queens tea

While I was making Stirfry for breakfast, I got to thinking about the little package of specialty tea in the cupboard. It came with my little red teapot from my momma. Also the tea is tea the queen uses at her Tea Parties. Its pretty interesting tea, I like it.

Oh, and while I was cutting up my red pepper, I noticed it was spawnning or was a MUTANT PEPPER!!!!

Tony is doing a habitat for humanity thing where builds a house. Hes going with a group of people from his work tomorrow. Its really cool sounding. I kinda wish my workplace would do that.

Its gross outside again, I expected weather like this though.
Mothers day cometh and I need to still find something nice for my mothers. :)
Beth and I will go shopping for our mothers soon, this shall be fun, as shopping with Beth is crazy fun.

I need to go do my hair, it looks horrendous!


Aria said...

... mom and grandma laughed at your blog. I was showing them 'the computer' and then popped up your blog and saw the pepper thing.... hahaha they laughed at you. it's normal btw for peppers to do that. lol

Miranda said...

I know its normal, but it creeped me out.

Emmy said...

eiw. thats kinda grosss. thye are greeeeenn! eiw! lol.

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