Sunday, May 11, 2008


This cloudy weekend we went to the cycle a thon. There must have been a lot of people praying for it not to rain because it was so cloudy but there was no rain.
Camp was raising money to send kids who couldnt afford it to go for the summer.

We wandered around, had lots of good food, bbq!!

There was a petting zoo which had Mik's bunny Davie in it, along with mini horses, sheep, goats and ponies.

There were games for the kids, face painting, cotton candy (one of my favourites) and live music and a concert. It was good fun. The best part by far was the zip line. They opened the 30 ft one, but the 60 ft one was closed as there werent enough staff to run that one.
All us kids went, it was a blast.

Sitting up on a tiny platform way up in a tree with only a rope and harness on was so creepy. Once the girl on the platform beside you hooked you up, the rope pulled you a little towards the drop, but it was up to you to launch yourself off and free fall across the field and towards the trees.

2 thoughts went through my head, one was this: Must try to keep my eyes open. Second thought: if I chicken out I will look like an idiot, so I do have to do this sometime.

I did it, it was so much fun! Aria and Tony werent able to video it, but I shrieked as I dropped down. We hiked all the way down from top 40 and grabbed Mik and her friends. Mik had the hardest time finding a helmet that would fit her super small head.

I would have posted video of the zip line but they didn't upload fast enough, and hopefully Aria will send them to me or post them on her blog :)

And now I am back at home, the bird is so happy now that we are back. She grew in a lot more little stubby feathers on her head, looks like she has small horns.


Aria said...

which card are the pictures on? I have no idea which one. if you don't remember then no worries I'll try all of them.

Anonymous said...

i need those pictures. that was so fun i want to go on the zipline again!!


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