Thursday, July 25, 2013

home again, home again

Berlin was great! We had lots of fun. We just got in yesterday afternoon, and so we're still getting back into the swing of things at home again. The kids were dropped off in the evening, just in time to hang out for a bit before bed time. I'll have pictures of what we saw later. Jet lag hasn't been as bad going back 9 hours as it was going ahead 9 hours.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

my handsome little man

This charmer was so good when I asked him to sit on his bum so I could take his picture. He giggled and made happy growling bear noises when I asked him what bears said.

There's hope that we'll get some good family pictures yet. 

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

little frogs

Sadie especially loves to play pretend. They were frogs the other day. 

It was the Sadie show that day. 

Lucas got in on it too. He's getting the hang of pretend.

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Friday, July 05, 2013

Easter 2013 --- heh, a lot late

Oh, and these are our Easter photos from this year. This was right after my card reader died, and I thought it was this card. Turns out, they both work, so pictures were there!

This whisk idea was genius! Saw it on Pinterest, and it made things way easier.

Lucas got into the habit of bashing his whisk in the bowl and he cracked one of his eggs. He didn't care, and in the end, it made the egg pretty to eat too.

They cried when we were finished. Lucas was especially sad. He loved dying eggs. Notice, this was days before his hair cut. I sigh every time I see these pictures with his baby hair.

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whats happening

Nope, not wearing pants right now. I felt I had to inform you. Its not crazy hot out, but I splattered tomato sauce on my skirt and so I had to spray it down with oxy clean. That stuff is really a miracle. Any who, the weather has made it pants optional for the last few days. I had over due library books that I refused to take back because the thought of being on a bus filled with other sweaty people made me shudder.

We did get to the library today, paid our late fees, and took out more books. The kids joined the summer reading club, and Sadie was pleased as punch to have a little reading booklet to stuff in her overflowing purse.

Lucas is talking a lot more. Learning lots of words from his sister, words like EW and TREAT. He said EW at me when I gave him a dried apricot. Then he and his sister kept hounding me for TREATS. Sadie is also talking a lot. She's putting words together, and we are working on certain letters.

I'm working on Mikaela's quilt right now. Its slow going, but thats not because of difficulty, more that I get crafters ADD and cant do it for more than an hour before being bored. I had this problem with Lucas' quilt. Maybe its the colour scheme. I like it though, its grey and pink.

We're getting ready for Germany. Getting excited. When I'm stressed about it, I frantically make lists and then lose them that day and make more lists. Writing the lists is very therapeutic for me though, so when I find a million lists floating around, I tell myself its ok, and then start a new one. I know right? She be CRAZY.

I've been reading a lot more lately. This Kobo has been the best present. I just finished another book this afternoon, and I've got a bunch to start already loaded. I still appreaciate books, and still have the habit of thinking I need to turn the page when reading digital stuff, but thats a good thing. Started reading Divergent last night. People have said if I liked the hunger games, I'd like this one, so here goes.

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