Thursday, May 01, 2008

its ALIVE!!

Well, kinda dead, but it keeps growing and growing and growing! I am feeling a little rapunzelish at the moment. So, my question to you all is, shall it stay this length (with a trim) or be cut shorter?

I wish I had older pics with me in my shorter hair, but alas, they are at the parents house and some aren't pretty...well, I was in those awkward years , ew!

On the way home from work, we had a skytrain photoshoot, I am gonna make Rob and Doug STARS!!!

I love Dougs expression... in this last one.


Meredith said...

re: eyebrows. The pain is relative, the prize is worth it, not close to your 'you know what of the month' is better for pain tollerance...or so they say.

Jennifer said...

stay repunzzelie....nice hoodie

Emmy said...

lol. thye look thrilled to be stars!

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