Tuesday, April 29, 2008

its good to work for eBay apparently...

Its good in a sense that I can check out the cool stuff on the site while at work, just got my new hoodie today, 12$ including shipping, pretty good deal for a roxy hoodie new with its tags :D
Apparently its also good to work for eBay because they are one of the top 50 best employers in Canada. Pretty cool stuff. Found that out yesterday and got a present from the company to celebrate. My nifty notebook is at work with doodles already inside and I ate the cool chocolate already.

So here is my cool new deal:

As you can see, I tried to swat him out, but he wanted to be in this one, so it is published now :)

I didn't want to show my tired face...its 11:30 and time for bed.


Aria said...

spiffy. I want it. I guess I am not a good shopper online.. don't like the blind bit about it.. if that makes sense. Like trying on stuff is my way.

Emmy said...

oh that it cute!! nice find!

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