Friday, May 30, 2008

the world outside my back door

I found you the world Aria! Click here for the listing, let me know if you like it, and if its the right size : the world

I am almost finished the movie "Death at a Funeral", its pretty funny and its british humor. Man, I love their weird twisted ways of thinking.

We are also testing out the new old bbq that Tony's dad and step mom gave us. Cant wait to chill out on the little patio and eat a burger and watch the little old people/ homeless people pushing their shopping carts down the alley. We have a great view of our high traffic alley, never a dull moment when you are sitting outside. Saw a skunk, stray cats, the typical crazies. Most of the activity in our alley takes place early morning. Once I heard some woman freaking out, her car was broken into for the third time. I was barely awake listening to her freaking out and talking to some guy (possible boyfriend). I heard her mention that all her cd's were taken from the front dash and a few other things like her change and such. In my half asleep state I realized how stupid this woman was to leave that crap laying all over the inside of her car. Oh well, now she knows better.

Anyways, this is all I have for now, there might be pictures of our adventures tomorrow, maybe.


Aria said...

ooo the world sounds good. and heh for 99 cents (well like 6bucks)?? not bad.
hahahaha when you texted me I thought you were talking about the other movie I was talking about - the kid psychologist one? hahahaha
oooh I laughed so hard watching death at a funeral!
I'm going to watch transformers now that 'someones friend' has stopped masticating like an animal
:) talk to ya later!

Emmy said...

haha. u make the city sound so intresting. i wihs i lived in one. :D

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