Saturday, May 31, 2008

whats there to eat?

This is one of my first thoughts when we got home from Playland. Once we got in the house I opened up the fridge, and low and behold...Condiments!!! mmmm ketchup, mustard, sweet chilli sauce and half an avacado. Someone really needs to go shopping this weekend.

Now we didn't take the camera today, but we had an amazing time. It was the wooden roller coasters 50th birthday this year. I celebrated this by going on it about 4 times. It wasn't too busy today, it was sunny at first and then overcast. No rain, but the clouds might have scared people away. So on one of my roller coaster rides, I was with Beth. (Beth is my sister in law). We were just going down the second hill, and I noticed the 2 girls in front of us laughing, and then one asked the other "are you ready?" I was thinking they were all ready for the picture, and they were! As we went down, their shirts went over their faces and FLASH! I was a little shocked and was laughing at them screaming afterwards. Right as we got off, they bolted for the picture booth...too late, theirs was replaced with a nice scenic picture of Playland. The guy working the booth told them he would get show them their picture later on.
We also fit 5 of us on the log ride, Tony, Beth, me, Kathryn and her bf Jeff. The first hill soaked Tony, who was in the front. We saw the wave go over the top of the log, but then it went and hit him full on. Second hill was crazier. We had the hugest tidal wave and the front end of the log dipped so low we were all soaked. Tony was the most wet, and then the Jeff was pretty bad off, as Kathryn ducked behind me leaving him totally open for the crazy wave.

My legs are so tired, they walked all day long. Tony isn't feeling well, especially after eating those delicious mini doughnuts.
Time now to finish the iron chef epsiode of potatoes!!


Anonymous said...

OH that sounds so fun!


Anonymous said...

I sooooo want to go. The picture of the roller coaster makes me sigh.

Anonymous said...

that last one was from your momma. oops

Miranda said...

lol, you need to come out and I will buy us all tickets, I get the day passes way cheaper, 20$ each :)

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