Friday, June 06, 2008


Poe is an Ugly Dragon.
Ugly Dragons come from the Ugly Dragon Mountain.
But Poe has left the safety of his caverns in search of his big dreams.

The other day he had a big dream about a big scoop of ice cream. Chocolate.
While most Ugly Dragons sleep all day and fly all night, Poe is more into cars, trucks, bikes, and anything that lets him sit down while moving.

Flying is hard.
You have to flap your wings around all the time!

Can Poe roll with you?


Anonymous said...

oh pretty doll thing he is cute!!


Emily Dorchak said...

AHAHAHAHA! Poe sounds like fun! i want a poe! haha. so cuteness!

Jennifer said...

Poe is awsome!

Alice said...

I have a Poe too, along with a clip on Peaco. Peaco likes to teach Poe dance moves. lol. ;-D

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