Sunday, June 08, 2008

baking day

Mikaela came over this weekend.
We had a blast.
Went shopping at her favorite mall, checked out the hello kitty store, the mac store (looked but it was too busy for me), and all the other stores out there in the mall. Really wanted to do build a bear, but decided against it.
We carried home my mini muffin tin tray thing and pretty towels and then got right to making cupcakes!
Its one of our favorite things to do!

These are for mom and dad :) They brought Watermelon for us and I haven't had watermelon in forever. Its a little hard to pack that in a backpack and try to take it home :P
Anyways, I need to clean some more.


Anonymous said...

that was so fun i want to buy onw of those baking things!!


Miranda said...

you need to talk mom into it. she might want one of those, they were really cute cupcakes!

Emmy said...

aww! that sounds funfunfun! u HAVE A HELLO KITTY STORE!>!?!??! WHAT! where DO U LIVE!?!? i WANT A HELLO KITTY STOREEEEE!!! OMMMMGGGGGGGG!!!
why dont we have a hello kitty store. =( cuppy cakes! sounds like u two had fun! lol

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