Tuesday, June 17, 2008

what have I been up to?

Not too much. Haven't clipped the birds wings, Tony wanted me to cut her feathers. He obviously doesn't know me that well. If I cut them wrong, the bird could bleed out and die. Not gonna do that. I kinda persuaded him to not clip her wings. She has such a good time flying around. What really did it was when I told him and demonstrated that the bird has started flying out of her cage and on to my hands. She only went short distances, but he really liked that. Tony did get a little jealous because the bird only flew to me at first and not him. She now does it with him. Shes only going short distances, but today she went across the living room and wanted to land on my head. She hates my hair and decided to land on my computer instead.

I have also been painting. Nothing fancy, just some stuff Coley requested. The unicorn one is the second in a series of 3. Rob is wanting robots...not so sure on what to do with robots. Still have to finish those paintings too. I made a cute one for my kitchen, but I dont feel like putting a picture of it up yet.

Yes, I paint in the living room. This is why I have big cardboard boxes flattened out behind the couch.

I dont really like this little guy, I really need better brushes. I think I should hit up a better art supplies store to get some fine brushes.

Bird is really excited now, shes is flying all over the place, from her cage over my head to the computer and back. Shes a little more settled right now chewing on the ipod rubber cover. I should really be calling the bird a "he" but I cant get used to it even if it is a "he". I guess I will just have a gender confused bird.


Aria said...

it's actually a he? nah. it can be gender confused like 'jack/Jaquelin'.
they should be friends.

I love the soap painting btw.

Emily Dorchak said...

aww! so artistic! LOVE IT! i paint too. but i am out of canvas, and paint.. and my lamp is broken.. and i lost a bunch of my brushes. as you can tell, its been a while. ;3 but i love the unicorns. u clipped killer? lol. its prolly a good thing, then thye cant fly aaway. we had a bird one, pippin, and i put him out in the sun for s mintue, i thought he looked a bit peeky, lol, abd he squeezed thru the bars and flew away. i was very sad.very. so clip it well! lol. or killir might find an open window, ad say, hey ho, here i come world!..
yeah. lol. killer looks just like pippin. =(

Unknown said...

That is how you paint robots! Dinosaurs fighting robots, just like in nature!
You know, with your posts about painting you've actually got me started again(single-handedly, it was all you), and it is fun. I just finished my first one in 7 years, but bad brushes suck :(

Miranda said...

I agree. Painting is something I started doing after not doing it for so long. Its relaxing for me :) I love the idea of the robots fighting the dinosaurs, I shall show rob this and see if he likes this idea.

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