Monday, May 19, 2008

the WORST morning EVER! (with pictures)

As you can see by my title that today was terrible! It all started out when I was told that I had an earlier shift for this week to do training at work. No big deal, I have done training before. I checked the transit schedule that night to realize that instead of the skytrain, I would have to take the bus. I checked and I had to take a bus down into a really crappy part of town and then wait or another bus to get me the rest of the way to work. I figured, no big deal, maybe the really crappy part of town would get not so crappy where I had to wait for the bus.
So I woke up after not sleeping so well at 5 am. Got ready, it looked kinda nice out, and then when I stepped outside...

DRIP! On my head!
Well, hopefully it will just sprinkle....nope.
So I waited for my first bus...and got on.
The bus took me to the crappier part of town, I noticed a lot of crazies, more and more appeared, and then some got on the bus.

I could hear this guy spitting behind me, thank goodness I was near the front of the bus, but NASTY!
So after a crazy bus ride, I had to get off the bus, and then realized that this part of town was bad, and creepy, and I was all alone.
I whipped out the phone and tried to call Tony, but I knew he wouldn't hear the phone cause he sleeps through it when its early.
I waited, heard some whistling...looked around, yep, 2 creepy guys were hanging over a balcony and yelling at me and whistling at me. But it gets worse... as I am furiously trying to call Coley, I see a beer bottle fly my way and hit a transit supervisor van. Great...

I was in a panic, got the phone out again, ready to call Coley or the Police, but the guy in the van I could hear him call the cops, so I tried calling Coley again, and then Tony. But no, the phone gave me error 100, over and over and over again.

What good is a phone if its dead when I need it most?!?!? I was so close to smashing it on the ground in front of me, I was so mad and upset.
I was ready to cry, couldn't think and then saw the bus I was waiting for go past my stop and down the road.
I was pretty stupid and ran across the street waiving my arms and praying it would stop, and thank God it did!
I was pretty shaky, couldn't for the life of me find my bus pass, but then found it.
Got to work, and then my phone started working again. So angry, I am calling Bell to be angry!

Well, my day got a little better. Calmed down at work after an hour, figured I deserved a treat for what happened, and bought an ugly doll, his name is poe, and this is what he looks like:

He is an ugly dragon that came from an ugly cave. And yes, when I have children, I shall give him to them. My children shall share the same twisted humor I do.
My day got better when I got home, Tony made spaghetti and it was yummy! I made the smoothies and we had creamsicles for desert.

I will never take the bus to work again, and will use the skytrain instead, that was ridiculous and scary! Thank goodness the skytrain runs early tomorrow, it was all because this stupid holiday.

Anyways, the dishes call to me.


Anonymous said...

My poor baby.
Don't forget your psd.
Your little doll is rather twisted.
sort of cute in an ugly sort of way. But I like him.
Praying for you sweetie,
Love mom

Emmy said...

haha. i think you have a great sense of twisted humor. i enjoy it, lol. cuz its like mine. (but dont tell anyone, cuz then thye wont read my blog. lol)
poor thing. sounds terrible to live in the city. =( hope u feel better and stuff. soon.

Jennifer said...

i like you doll.
get some pepper spray.

Emmy said...

oh, i tagged u! lol

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