Thursday, March 03, 2011

Milkmaid Braids

Its been a long time since I've done something different with my hair. Today was the first day since before Sadie was born that I straightened my hair, and I did a crappy job. Lets just say that even when the child is strapped into her bouncy chair on the bathroom floor, she can get into all kinds of trouble. She was very good for the first half of my hair, and then by the second half, she was bored.

She threw her toys on the floor a while ago, and now wanted them back. She leaned all the way forward, so that when I turned around to see what she was grunting about, I could see her hands touching the floor.

Well, I up righted her, and within minutes, she was at it again. So I took her out, and let her stand against the tub. She loved that. Thought it was bath time, and squealed, and kept squealing until she lost balance and fell over between the tub and the toilet. Poor girl was quite startled, but managed not to cry. I plunked her in her bed and listened to her cry at me while I finished the rest of my hair. It didn't take long, just a few minutes.

We played for a bit, and then while she napped, I did my hair up following the video that  Sometimes Sweet had made. Not too bad, it keeps it up and out of the hands of a small girl, who likes to try and pull my hair out to try and eat it. I will have to practice more though.


hello deer! said...

ah! it's so cute.

they looked terrible on me!

heidi said...

very pretty. it suits you!

Cin said...

Love it! :) Very classical.

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