Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unexpected Visitor

This morning was like any other. We were sitting in the living room, talking about Sadie - who was playing with Tony's jeans. We were talking and playing with Sadie until Tony asked "Is that inside???"

Whoa! Whats inside!?!? Where??!?! He pointed at the window across from us, and lo and behold, we had a small visitor. I couldnt tell what it was, but immediatly, Tony told me to take Sadie into the bedroom for now. As I did, he called back to me and told me, it was a cute little bird. He had no idea how to deal with this.

I shut the bedroom door, bathroom door, and came running in...with the camera. I totally know how to deal with these situations :) So as he was trying to shoo the chickadee back out the window, I was snapping pictures of our new little friend.

 (the first sighting of our visitor)

 Sadly, our friend didn't stay long. Maybe just long enough to get warm and then get out. Too bad he couldn't be our budgies friend. Looking back, I feel bad for not feeding our guest...

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