Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Random thoughts going through my head...

This is in point form, cause its how I roll right now:

-I should work out more, like every day more. I lack motivation. My doctor said that this baby will most likely be a c section if its not a small baby. This should motivate me more to work out, but sadly, I'm stuck working out a little here or there. Come on motivation!!!! Get out of the house crazy!

-Small baby = not as healthy? Not sure how I feel on the whole, trying to keep this sucker small. Doctor said exercise will help, but really? I have my doubts. I read a blog on a momma who worked out religiously at the gym with a fairly extensive regimen, and what happened? She still ended up with a 7lb 11 oz baby, and thats just a tad smaller than Sadie.  I know exercise is good, so I'm still going to give it a go, but I hate stressing every single doctors appointment about my weight. I feel like a cow, and its not even half way I think.

-So far eating healthier is going ok. I've cheated, had birthday cake, and pasta, but now its back to soups and salads and terrible cheese sandwiches.

-I miss eating sliced meats. I hate walking past Subway. Darn you Subway and your delicious meat filled sandwiches. All I want is a delicious cold cut combo with black olives, lettuce, and mayo.  My stupid homemade cheese sandwiches with tomatoes and pickles don't work anymore.

-Sadie is teething something fierce. Evenings are the worst. Every night after dinner, she is clingy, pink cheeked, and whiny. I bumped her top gums with her plastic spoon during dinner, and red eyes and wailing ensued. Lets just say, dinner was over, and I got to hang out with her all evening. Orajel didn't cut it last night, so tylenol it was. 

-We are trying to get away from bottle feeding, and use the sippy cup more. It just doesn't fly with her yet. That's ok with me, she will get the hang of her sippy cup soon enough.

-Also trying to get her to self soothe more at night. Its getting easier at nap times, but at night its a little different. Sharing a room hinders this, especially when all you want her to do is shut up so that your tired husband can get proper sleep before his exams. Very much looking forward to moving so we can work on sleeping through the night in separate bedrooms, or maybe cut it down to 1 feeding a night.

-I can never spell seperate right. Same with definatly. Stupid words on my spell check. Thankful I have spell check though, so you don't have to see my mistakes as much.

-I'm right brained, married and married to a left brained man. I've always known that, but I love this poster, and had to share it with you all.

-This weekend, I celebrate my birthday with the family in chilliwack. There will be cake as far as I know :) more cheating. Don't care cause its my birthday. Tony is taking me to dinner and a movie. I'm thinking we are going to see The Adjustment Bureau. I love Matt Damon.

-Also want to find this book "I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids". I've heard great things about it. 

That is the end of my thoughts, maybe later I will post Sadie pictures or something fun.


Cherrypopz said...

I've been eating sliced meat since a month now. And everything's fine :)

heidi said...

i couldn't give up sliced meats with any of my pregnancies, so i just cut back a bit like to once a week or so. sounds like you're eating way better than me! i had to give myself a talking to the other day cuz i don't want to gain 50-60lbs this time around, ugh. not having a c-section would be even more motivation i'm sure.

i feel for you!

Jennifer said...

Library, library, library...look up what to eat when you are pregnant and how much and then just do it. Find a prenatal dvd and just do it. Try to build on your new habits everyday. Keep a journal of what you are doing so when you get asked the doctors can see you are making an effort and you'll have something to show them. Get into it.
I have a lot of good habits so it's hard for me to see you struggle with this.
What else are you doing anyways other than working on yourself and making a healthy baby?!!! (besides raising Sadie too)
How much longer until you tell/ find out the gender? I want to make you things :)
xoxox ~J

Becca said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have a beautiful life. And giving up meat is easy, it just takes time to make new habits and adjust your taste buds. (I'm sure pregnancy cravings don't help much, though.)

Cin said...

~hugs~ Good luck. Its hard to take care of you and little ones. Keep smiling though, you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Oh dude, just ask them to microwave the meat at Subway BEFORE they make the sandwich.

Easy peasy!


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