Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hello little one

Its been 15 weeks now. You are getting bigger, and its showing now. My tank tops aren't fitting me like they used to. You are making them stretch out and ride up. Its not making me happy, but its ok.

I have a doctors appointment coming up, and I get to hear your little heartbeat. That always makes me happy.

I took a 15 week picture and thought of not posting it, but I took it, so I might as well. So here you are so far:

 I brought your sister down to see the big mirrors. We worked on her neck muscles infront of the mirror after I took some pictures of her. She loves looking outside. I cant wait till its sunny, and then when you are here, we can all go to the big park.

I've been thinking of names for you, but nothing serious. I just flip through the name book every once and a while, looking at old favorites and things. We wont name you until your daddy is done school, so less stressed out.

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