Sunday, April 13, 2008

whats that I smell?

deep fried PORK! Yep, my apartment building smells particularly porky today. I'd say about 4 days a week it smells bad. I am so turned off of pork, it now grosses me out.
Tony got his hair cut now, which makes the bird work extra hard when she wants to nibble it.

Watching Star Wars, the last old movie. Its the end fight scene and its pretty good, I haven't seen these ones in a while.

Oh and I saw the Smart People movie, it was cute, and I liked the ending, and I love Ellen Page, shes awesome! I am waiting for Juno to come out, I cant wait to watch it again!

Nothing else is really new, been playing around with photoshop and am planning a new layout for this blog. Its kinda ugly right now, but it will get better :)

That is all for tonight, I shall post something more substantial later.

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