Sunday, April 27, 2008

the family FREAKSHOW!

The fam dropped me off today after a fun weekend over in the wack.
They all played with the bird and enjoyed her.
Then they all checked out the mac and were somewhat amazed that there wasnt a tower that came with it but also found a green light and when they all stared at it, amazing things happened...

I left moms out cause she didnt want it on the internets where all can see. :)
The last 2 I call the Big Eye and the Brain...Hehehehe


Emmy said...

haha. i love your blog! its so original and spunky!! i lurv it!

Aria said...

awesome! I am going to make mine my msn pic I think hahahahaha

Emmy said...

thats a great idea! how did you get them to look so funny?

Anonymous said...

LOL i wish you would have put moms on

*Mik* <3 i love you

Miranda said...

I have a program on my mac that warps them lol :)

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