Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wedding Pictures

As you can see by the title, I have posted some new wedding pictures for anyone who's interested. There are way lots more that I shall have to scan and put on, these are digital taken by my friend Dave (Stephanie's boyfriend...shes the redheaded bridesmaid).
I have ceremony pictures, and more formals, and I am being pressured to get off my computer so someone can use it to play the Sims2. Its only my computer, but its alright, its coming to Vancouver with me on Sunday!!! yay! I have so missed it.
So without further ado, wedding pictures!

Aww the boys looked soo cute. Earl is on the left and the Matt is on the right, hes the best man.

Earl, Matt, Tony, Me, Aria (maid of honor) Stephanie and Mikaela.
It was sprinkling outside, but not too bad. My friends were text messaging me all morning because it started raining. I had like 21 msgs in my inbox on my phone. They were all concerned. It was cute. I wasnt too worried about the rain. I was only concerned about it raining during the ceremony (which it didnt, thank you God).

I wasnt paying attention lol

Thank goodness I was sitting on plastic, my parents think of everything when they take pictures.
It was sooo windy on the docks. Poor girls were soo cold. The boys gave up their jackets for us for a while. Mikaela got my shawl.
Blowing in the wind.

Right after the ceremony we took family pictures....lthese are my grandparents from alberta.

me and my daddy

The family :)

So that is the end for now, maybe tonight I shall resize more and upload them. Hoped you had fun seeing them.


James Abrahams said...

I am envious sometimes of you people who have found love. I shouldn't be envious, it's not right.
You guys look great together, and I really enjoyed the wedding, the perfect setting. God Bless.

running wildly said...

Thank you for obliging me! YAY for wedding pictures. You have never looked so radiant and gorgeous as you did in those photos. Isn't the wedding day simply magical? I remember floating on a cloud all day. Congrats my dear. Enjoy the rest of your's just beginning!

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