Saturday, September 01, 2007

Value Village!!

We were shopping in chilliwack with Mikaela, Mom, Aria and Tony.
Went to the mall, and then went to value village to try and find Mikaela pants.
Me, Aria and Tony were a little bored...I personally love looking at the fur coats they have, and all the weird knicknacks. We got a little carried away. Oh and Halloween commeth, and that brings all the tacky costumes to that thrift shop! Oh man, even if they didnt have the cheap costumes, they still have awesome clothes to dress up in. My Aunty Laura bought us crazy clothes that sparkled and glittered from there to dress up in when we were little.
Here is our photoshoot that we took there :
I wonder how many animals it took to make this coat look good....


Work it Aria!


Aria has more of these :) see ya all later :)


Aria said...

Note: Aria is the best swords-woman there ever was and ever will be. Miranda is less than mediocre.
I win :D
haha it was a blast.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Aria for you might just able to land a movie shoot. It is good to see that you can still be a kid and have fun. Keep up the fun times. Phillip

running wildly said...

Ok, I'm dying here. I want WEDDING PHOTOS! I can't get to the photos from your link. Post some! Post some.....please!

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