Monday, March 31, 2008

Pushin the limits

Today I did a stupid thing, friend Rob and I did a stupid thing. He told me once how his friend said double fillet of fishes were an abomination. Well, I figured that because I wasn't working out with him after work I would make it up by going to Macdonald's--it doesn't really make sense, but he loves the place. Once I said that he said we should both eat a double fillet of fish each. We ate the Double Big Mac one time and it was gross, but I felt I should, so off we went to Mac Donalds. We ordered 2 fillets of fish each and slapped them together kinda like a Big Mac (with a bun in the middle). Well, we did eat them, or most of them. It was so gooey and gross. I feel really ill now. I know better than to double up any sandwich of theirs and will have to work out quite a bit to work it all off. gross feeling, all that fish is swirling around in my belly and it better not come up!


Aria said...

oh wow that is disgusting.

Miranda said...

i know it was gross

Meredith said...

That really is bad babe. making me gag from here.

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