Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New link!

Aria found me a really cool blog, all about making cheap food, and it looks good. I have yet to try making some of it, but I do plan on it. This new link is :


Other sad news, my computer is dying. Its telling me that I need to configure it or choose something to boot from. It sounds like its hard drive is dying. It works for a little while but then it dies after an hour. At least I can back up my stuff before it truly goes.

So I have been checking out the various different computers out there, not going to buy one yet, but just browsing.

I like this one, its pretty and I love dell computers. The downside, it comes with Windows Vista, and I am just not liking that operating system, they made it feel like a mac os but with all the crap windows has and thats just asking for trouble.

Now this is a sexy computer, yes you can call them sexy in this case. Its downside is that its a desktop and its a mac. Most macs have the power to run windows as well, as long as you buy that version of windows, so this does intrigue me. Tony is even interested in a mac, but from more of an engineers point of view. I like them because they are better for the things I want to do like the arts and entertainment stuff.

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Aria said...

oooo sleek. It sounds good but it gets pricey doesn't it?
oh I sound so cheap todaay hahahaha

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