Thursday, March 27, 2008


I read this on Arwen's blog about food hangups, and I have only a few.

The foods I dislike unless some are chopped up super fine are:

Onions -- if they are cooked and not cut small enough I wont eat them, they remind me of slithery snakes and they feel like they slither in my mouth.
Green Peppers-- Just gross
Radishes--dont eat them often enough to like them, but I just don't really like them anyways.
Stewed tomatoes-- I like to use them in spaghetti, but I wont eat them and will purposely avoid them when spooning myself some sauce.
Zucchini-- It tastes like NOTHING!! Therefore its useless as a vegetable and I don't like them.
Egg plant--Had it only once in a casserole and it wasn't nice, its pretty though.
Cottage Cheese-- :P I dont like that people mix this stuff with fruit let alone eat it with other stuff...its squishy and clumpy.

So now onto other things not about food. Larissa has a blog which is super cool, she is moving out here in a week or so, she just quit stream! YAY! I want to bring a food to her housewarming but I am not sure what to make. Shes making my favorite thing, spinach dip!

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