Monday, March 24, 2008


Poor bird, shes feeling sick.
Tony called me all worried about his bird. She was throwing up yesterday.
I hope she feels better today.
She kinda wanted to get on the desk and landed in Tony's bowl of ice cream, so we cleaned her up, but we both forgot that it was kinda cold in the house and that wasn't good for her as she is a tropical bird.

Coley and I researched budgie health yesterday at work, and apparently the budiges hide their illnesses well or they can become easy prey. So because she was sick, that isnt good at all. Bird is quiet at the moment. Shes sitting in the sun.

I stuffed brocoli in her cage, but shes not liking it :(
Apparently they need to eat that kind of stuff, so its frustrating because shes scared of the veggies, kinda reminds me of a sibling I have.

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