Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bouncy seat, what would I do without you???

 This sucker has saved my life! No, really it has. It enables me to do dishes, laundry, hang out with Sadie, and entertain both kids at once. I make breakfast while he sits and plays. Sometimes he has naps in it. Its great for when I want to have a shower or bath. He sleeps in it, and I can have 5 minutes peace.

Speaking of 5 minutes peace, its been wonderful. Right now both kids are napping at the same time today.
I can eat without dropping food on the baby, or eat without holding or bouncing a child one handedly. I can fold laundry without someone dragging it all over the floor first. I've gotten stuff done today. I think I might even finish unpacking our room today. Its still a disaster, but its one of the last ones to be unpacked.

Bouncy seat, you rock. Lets be friends always.

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She Said... said...

love it! Chloe hated her bouncy seat, but I hope when our new little one comes that they will like it. That 5 minutes of peace is just AMAZING, isn't it?

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