Thursday, November 03, 2011

our halloween...kinda late

We did low key halloween last night. We totally forgot about the pumpkin that we had in the garage. It was quickly carved and then we turned on our light to hand out the candy. We ate a lot of candy. Sadie likes peanut butter cups. She would go "MMMMMM!!!" and hold the wrapped candy, and if you didnt open it fast enough, she'd try and eat through the plastic. It kind of spoiled her dinner.

Being a dragon did not go very well with Lucas. It fit him nicely, but I caught this photo of him right before the tears hit.

Next year I'll take them both out. That will be fun :)

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amyschmamey said...

Who doesn't like a reese's? I'd eat through the plastic if it weren't opening fast enough too! ha ha ha.

awe! Poor guy! ha ha ha. I don't think I have dressed my kids up for Halloween as babies. I always think the costumes are so cute though... I love the baby ducks, lambs, dinosaurs, etc that come out at Halloween.

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