Friday, November 11, 2011

breastfeeding update

(a happier lucas)
First of all, I have to say a huge thank you all for the advice and encouragement. I so needed that. I had been flip flopping all week as to whether or not to quit, and I decided to give things another shot.

I went out with Tony and bought some mothers milk tea and fenugreek, and started eating oatmeal every other day (got sick of it after a bit, but still eat it almost 4 times a week). The first few days were hard. I was feeding a tired screaming Lucas every 2 hours, and he was really frustrated with the lack of supply at first. He would try try try, and then wail at me. I usually gave him 2-3 bottles a day to keep him happy after a frustrating feed. Since I've been feeding him whenever he wants I think thats what's helped bring things back up.

When hes awake, he eats every 2-3 hours, and in the evening its still a challenge. I think my supply is lowest then. I've been forgetting to drink in the afternoons, and I know that doesnt help.

So I think its turning around, and I'm really happy that I didn't give up. I was pumping after every other feeding at first, but now I've stopped. I might try again to see how things are going, but I think my pump wont ever show me an accurate amount of what I'm producing.

So I'm happy, I smell like maple syrup,and baby is happy. Hoping that the evenings get better for us.

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Renee said...

So pleased to hear it's worked out!!!

heidi said...


is that a new hair color? you look lovely!

Miranda said...

Thank you :) No, its the same blonde hair colour, just different looking in the instagram filter.

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