Friday, November 25, 2011

sad day

The kids both had their doctors appointments today. They are both doing well. Lucas is doing average for weight, and he is 90th percentile for height. It makes sense that he is in 3-6 mo clothes already, hes such a long baby. He doesnt have jaundace any more, and apparently hes freakishly strong. At least the doctor and other nurses have made comments about his strength. Holding his legs down for his shots was tough. Grief, I hate being a parent on shots days. As I'm holding him and consoling him, hes looking up at me with the biggest saddest eyes, as if to say "WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!"

So then it was Sadie's turn. From the get go, she realized what was gonna happen the moment we walked into the exam room. She started whining and whimpering the entire time. Lucas started calming down, and it was her turn. She was not keen on the doctor examining her, measuring her length. She started flailing and swatted the measuring tape off her head. Then it was time for her shots. I had to hold her legs, and Beth (my sister in law) kindly held Sadie's arms and upper body still. Oh boy did she scream. The last one was supposed to hurt the most, and it sure seemed like it.

at home and settled down
 So after that, they seemed ok, and we headed down to Tony's work for lunch real quick. Sadie was losing it just at the end, so we quickly gathered them up and headed home. It was only an hour or so drive, but it was a hellatious nightmare. They started out crying, then the freeway calmed them down, and they both slept, but the last half hour was nothing but hysterical screaming children, gagging and coughing and sobbing. I just wanted to get out of the car and run away, but there was nothing I could do, I was trapped in that nightmare.

We're home now, and Sadie already has a bit of a fever, and her legs are so sore. She kind of holds on to the couch and stands there kind of hunched over. She doesnt want to walk at all, and cries if she has to move. She's right now half sitting on me and the couch. She's extra clingly. Lucas is doing ok.

Hopefully I can go out to see the new twilight movie tomorrow - yes, I really want to get out and see it. I'm a nerd.

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Cherrypopz said...

This is weird. In Quebec they give children shots on the arm when they are 12months +

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