Tuesday, August 24, 2010

experiments with cake pops + more

(snuggled with grandpa. She always curls up like a little bug when you hold her.)

So waaaaaay back, there was a baby shower for Sadie. I really really wanted to try and make hello kitty cake pops. Saw them on Bakerella's website and figured that they werent that hard. My siblings and mom formed the heads and I coated and decorated their faces. For a first attempt, they were pretty good.

There they all are in their cakey goodness.

And because I am a little warped, we did a photo of a mutilated one. She was a dud as the crack was making her fall apart.

She was only a few weeks old. She had her kind of unhappy face on her. Man, her hair has grown since she was born.

Yes, many curls on this one. Shes got little waves and cowlicks. I love them. She was pretty tired from being passed around from person to person. She did so well that day.

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Laura said...

I remember when your daddy held you the same way. And you curled up like that, too!

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