Sunday, August 22, 2010

for mom

"I like your cooking pictures, I like the craft pictures but I love your Sadie pictures" she told me today on skype. Yes, we are lacking in Sadie pictures lately. Here are some more crappy iphone pictures of "the day in the life of Sadie".

We started the day off right with some breakfast. Shes doing this thing where she puts her hands on or around the bottle while eating.

Then we played. Playing was lots of fun, she was really captivated by piglet. She hardly notices the rattle bracelet on her wrist except if it gets in the way of her eating her fists.

I liked this one because I love her eyes.

Then I baked doughnut muffins. Aria suggested them to me, especially cause I own a mini muffin tin (which she wants). It is so handy for mini cupcakes and things. These guys turned out wonderfully. Almost like timbits with cinnamon sugar on them. Yum.

Then the little girl woke up from her nap and we played more on the floor.

She blurs a lot because the camera sucks and she bobbles around on her tummy.

We read a book. She loved kicking the books pages more than the reading. She did sit still for the entire thing and goodnight moon.

(This sucking thumb thing is a recent development. It doesn't last long, she likes having a fist in her mouth instead of her lowly thumbs.)

Then she had a little meltdown. There was much crying and wailing and then quiet sobs before she fell asleep. I tired the poor thing out. We have been very busy lately. Yesterday we were out all afternoon at Granville Island (her in the snuggly). Poor dear.

I have a few things to do:

-get usb card reader for the better camera
-take pictures of her with the better camera
-get pictures printed
-do more mixed media stuff

That is all for now. I shall be off doing dishes and then sketching tonight. I am thinking about cute new cards to make.

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Thank you.
I feel better now.
Love mom

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