Saturday, August 14, 2010

we are hot today

Hot, tired and drooly it seems. Its a hot day again. We are going to be camped out in the living room infront of the big box fan. Shes sleepy still, and hot. I couldnt believe how much drool this one had. This was the norm when my sister was a baby, but not this one. My sister would soak through her clothes with the amount of drool on her. (she probably hates me for posting this).

mmm that was dinner and breakfast for today. I love my green beans. These ones came from my dads garden. They were awesome with just butter, salt and pepper. Been working on more things lately. Trying out my washi tapes. Oh they are so much fun. This is one of my thank you cards that I did.

Maybe a trip to safeway to get ice cream things is in order. I just dread leaving the house though. I hate it when its too hot. I am more a spring or fall person. I dont mind the rain. I really miss rainy days. Those days are most fun, those are days when I can make crafty things and bake or use the oven. Now I dont feel like doing anything.
I am a slug.


Aria said...

pfftt i dont think i would have soaked through my clothes


Miranda said...

LOLs, you soaked the fronts of your shirts. silly

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